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Subject: Re: Name something that people squeeze

Forum: Name something that people squeeze
Good evening, MotivatedOne,

Fun forum!

Here's what I can think of:

People squeeze my chubby cheeks sometimes. Haha.

People usually squeeze the safety bar on rollercoaster rides out of fear of falling out.

My sister squeezes her DIY slime. (Slime is a trending science experiment that's been ALL over YouTube.)

People may squeeze the doorknob on a door and twist it if it's hard to open.

People can "squeeze" one or two more things into their schedule.

Thanks for the forum!
Have a good one! :)

Subject: Re: What excites you right now?

Forum: What excites you right now?
Good afternoon, Jon,

That's so nice! I hope you have a good time with your brother! I'm probably going to be missing my siblings so much when I go to college.

Currently, I'm excited by the likelihood I will be able to film a movie with my friends next week, during Thanksgiving break. We're reading "The Crucible" in English class, and as we were reading it as a class today, I was dreaming up all these original characters and themes that could go into a modern spin-off of the story. Once the production is done, I could upload it to my YouTube channel and possibly show it in class. I'm sure it'd be entertaining.

Here's what I have as far as ideas go:

Dante Schwartz, a math genius who escaped the mafia, moves to Bloomfield where the word soon gets out about his reputation as a former mafia boss. Dante is distraught because he moved to get away from his past life, not watch it unfurl again before his eyes.

People in the town start to accuse his sons, Bennett and Antonio, of certain crimes that have been taking place in their area.

That's all I have so far, but it's looking pretty interesting!

Thanks for the forum!
Have a wonderful day. :)

Subject: Re: Let's play a little game.

Forum: Let's play a little game.
Good afternoon, Raneem,

Fun game!

dympie said "giraffe"...g and e can also be used in:


Thanks for the forum!
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Subject: Re: Favorite thing about your job?

Forum: Favorite thing about your job?
Good afternoon, Dan,

I love my job! I work at a banquet hall with all my friends, and we always get things done while having a great time. I get along with my coworkers, my boss, everyone!

1. Food and drinks- We're usually in the kitchen upstairs when we're not getting plates and scooping ice to bring to the soda machine. The food is prepared in the kitchen, and the soda machine is right across from where we stack the plates. We're allowed to get drinks from the soda machine whenever we'd like. The soda machine has Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, ginger ale, water, lemonade, and sprite. When there is leftover food, we get to eat some of it. There is a LOT, so if my coworkers and I ate it all, we'd probably explode! My favorite dish is the penne vodka. I also love ravioli, fries, and fried calamari. The foods from the cold buffet are really good as well, particularly the mushrooms and the tomatoes with mozzarella. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

2. There's a piano- My boss and coworkers are all familiar with the fact that I'm a pianist. After we get everything cleaned up after an event, I get to play them a song or two. They enjoy it.

3. My friends and I have a great time!

Thanks for the forum!
Have a wonderful day. :)

Subject: Re: Friday game!!

Forum: Friday game!!
Good evening, Dan,

Fun game! You always come up with such clever, engaging forums.

Previous post: Cover letter.

Mine: Letter address.

Have a good one! :)


Subject: Copy and paste your first CNet post!

Forum: Copy and paste your first CNet post!
Hey, CNetters! I have no school on this lovely Tuesday due to the voting that's taking place today.

What did you post the day you signed up for this website?
Feel free to copy and paste it here!

The first thing I posted to Collegenet was a response to a forum about fall. (This was back in September.)

"As a pianist, fall, to me, is a relaxing, melodious segue between a staccato summer and a more legato, solemn winter. All four seasons are one dynamic composition with each season delicately blending into the next. Fall is played with a Debussy-esque pristine that distinguishes it from the rest of the composition. Fall is in the key of A flat with chords that clash and resolve as a sweet melody is quietly played on the bass clef.
I have observed autumn has a sensory appeal to a lot of people. When it's around the corner, one can't help but begin to smell the pumpkin-spiced goodies. One becomes eager to taste hot apple cider as they feel the cool, crisp wind blowing gently, shaking orange-red leaves loose from the branches. I, however, admire autumn's breathtaking musical arrangement.
I'm looking forward to the autumnal equinox!
-Chloe T. (Junior in HS.)"

I wanted to make a good first impression, so I made my response reasonably long. :)

Have a wonderful, eventful day! :)

Subject: Re: Where do you buy your groceries?

Forum: Where do you buy your groceries?
Good morning, Nancy,

It's smart to have a variety of places at which to shop for groceries, particularly in favor of lower prices and better quality. You're a very strategic shopper!

My family gets our groceries primarily from Shoprite. Shoprite is where we buy our fruits and vegetables, they're fresh and fairly inexpensive. Occasionally, we get bread from the bread section and on special occasions, we might get a pastry or two.

The frozen food section is my favorite part of the facility. There are SOOOOO many yummy things to choose from. There are chicken nuggets, pizzas (Degiorno, red baron, etc), tater tots, fries, and ice cream! They're obviously not the healthiest options, but on the weekends, for lunch, my mom usually pops a Red Baron pizza in the oven. On busy days, frozen food is convenient, so we frozen food products fairly often.

The reason why my family doesn't shop at Walmart is because it's too far away! Shoprite is only a few blocks down from where I live, so it's the more convenient for us to shop there. :)

Thanks for the forum!
Have a wonderful day. :)

Subject: Re: Do Celebrity Endorsements Sway Your Decision?

Forum: Do Celebrity Endorsements Sway Your Decision?
Good morning, Morgan,

This is a great topic!

As someone who studies marketing and business, I know that celebrity endorsements could sometimes be vital to maximize the sales of a product.

Although celebrity endorsements don't really influence my decision to or to not buy a product, I believe it does influence young athletes to buy sports gear like basketball shoes. A popular example of a celebrity endorsement is Michael Jordan and the shoes "Jordans" he promotes. Some kids prefer to buy Nike, while others who favor Michael Jordan prefer to buy Jordans. Celebrity endorsements can often create product loyalty, where a consumer becomes an avid buyer of one particular brand.

Thanks for the forum!
Have a wonderful day. :)

Subject: Re: What do you bring most to a relaionship?

Forum: What do you bring most to a relaionship?
Good morning, Daniella,

In relationships, it's always important to reflect on our areas of expertise and things we need to improve. You seem to be an adventurer, which is awesome!

Depending on who I'm with, I would most likely be the voice of reason in a relationship. Girls tend to be very emotionally-oriented, and this could often interfere with their reasoning, and, often, it causes them to fuss about trivial things.

Although I never directly told my past girlfriend she's overreacting to certain situations, I would just give her my input regarding whatever happened from a purely objective point of view. It always works out. A voice of reason is can be very comforting.

On the contrary, I think we all need a problem-solver in our lives, whenever we're not able to figure things out ourselves.

Thanks for the forum!
Have a wonderful day. :)

Subject: Re: Thanksgiving Word Search

Forum: Thanksgiving Word Search
Good afternoon, Nancy,

Fun forum!

I found the following words:

Black Friday



Aside from those three, I also found:












I love word searches!

Thanks. :)
Have a wonderful weekend!