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Subject: What is your go-to food/recipe?

Forum: What is your go-to food/recipe?
Happy election day, Cnet family!

This morning I have food on my mind. So I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite dishes that we make, or someone makes for us! Maybe it's something that people always request you bring when you get together.

I have 2 favorites, one that I make often to go with dinner, and another that I tend to bring to various potlucks. My mom's rice pilaf recipe is a family favorite. I make it so often that I no longer need to look at the recipe (which is saying a lot because I'm not much of a chef)!

The other is another recipe of my mom's: layed taco dip. It's perfect for football parties now that football season is just days away. It's different from most taco dips that I've had and seen, because it's a cold dish - there's no cooking involved. Just cut up veggies, mix some cheeses and seasonings together, and layer in a dish to serve!

So please share with us your go-to recipe ideas!

Have a GREAT Wednesday!

Subject: Recipe Book or Electronic Recipes?

Forum: Recipe Book or Electronic Recipes?
Good morning!

So last night I was looking for a new recipe to try, and as I was Googling for one, it got me thinking about the convenience of recipes being available online.

I love that I can pull up Google or Pinterest to find a delicious new recipe. I also keep all of my recipes electronically in my Google Drive account. This has been great because I can quickly and easily share recipes with friends and family, and I also have them on hand if I'm at the grocery store and need to know what ingredients are needed for a particular recipe of mine.

However, there is something about skimming through a recipe book, and having a physical recipe to follow. I dislike when I have a recipe on my phone, that the screen keeps timing out. I know I can change that setting, but it's a bit of a pain to keep doing that. But the inconvenience of that is minimal compared to the convenience of having millions of recipes available to me all the time!

So what about you, do you prefer a traditional physical recipe/cookbook, or do you prefer an electronic recipe?

Thanks for reading, have a GREAT day!