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Subject: How many schools did you apply to?

Forum: How many schools did you apply to?
Good morning!

Back when I was applying for college, I remember visiting 3 campuses, and applying at all 3 of those schools. Those were the only ones I applied at (granted, they were the only 3 SUNY schools that offered the degree program I originally wanted). I was blessed enough to have been accepted to all 3, and I chose to go to the one that was closest to home.

There were several people I knew that only applied at 1 school. Luckily they were accepted! It never even dawned on my to only apply at one school, because what if I didn't get into that one school?

When you applied for college, how many did you apply to? If you only applied to 1 school, why did you make that decision? Did you have a "backup" plan, in case you weren't accepted to that one school?

Thanks for reading, and have a GREAT day!

Subject: Public or Private School?

Forum: Public or Private School?
Good morning CNet!

Today's question is about your grade school experience. For grades K-12, did you attend a public school or private school? Maybe you were home schooled. Did you ever wish you attended the other? Was there anything that you didn't like about your education experience that would have been different had you attended the other?

I attended public school for all of my education. I never had any issue, and basically enjoyed my experience. I never once wondered what private school would be like, or wish I had attended one. And home schooling never even crossed my mind!

As for my kids, my stepson has been in public school since he started school; he's going into 7th grade this year. My daughter still have a few years to go before starting school, and I have no issue sending her to public school either, as long as we are in a decent school district. There are a couple districts in my county that I would not want her attending, but my husband and I don't plan to rent or buy a house in those areas! If we had the opportunity for her to attend private school on a scholarship, I certainly wouldn't hesitate though!

I look forward to reading about your schooling experiences! And good luck in today's election!