While most certainly there is an issue with people acting out against those with whom they disagree I do not think that it is a new issue in the least. The problem is now that every single person has the ability to spew whatever message they want into the open air for everyone to breath in, regardless of the facts, regardless of the content, regardless of the potential impacts. Our computer screens have separated us from our fellow man and have, as such, allowed us to slide quickly down into the mire of hatred and abuse that a protected position allows.

I sometimes like to think of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. There is a scene in that film where King Arthur and his Knights are at the foot of a castle wall and atop said wall is a number of French Soldiers who proceed to taunt the valiant king and his cohorts (by doing such things as throwing a cow and life ducks at them). The point here is that the French would have been far less willing to openly demean Arthur and his men if they were not standing behind think castle walls. Our modern political scene, with so many people throwing so much hatred around is much like that. I am in my castle, and there is nothing you can do to stop me from rocking the boat.

Now, maybe this is a good thing, maybe this level of freedom of speech is something necessary, but it certainly seems to me that since we no longer have to actually stand up on a soapbox to make our selves heard we have become needier of the soap in that box to clean out our mouths.