There once was a time that I would have said there is a level of civil ness in politics. But for the past few years that has been impossible to see. To be honest it hasn’t looked like anyone in the political world, that we see, is being civil.

I grew up with “do unto others as you wish done to you” this is something i still hold onto as something we need to do. It would seem the political world has forgotten that in their lives, as they constantly stab lower and lower with the help of the media.

I know as humans there is a tendency to strike low when we get hurt and someone has done that to us, but we should continue to strike high. Instead of making your own momma jokes you should stay on topic of whatever the topic is. The insults between politicians, celebrities, media, and well everyone needs to stop. It is teaching the future, our children thwt it’s okay to b that way. It shows a divided States instead of a United States.

I get it not many people are happy with who is in office, but that’s no reason to be catty about it daily. Let the elected officials do their job. At this point that’s all as can do. Unless we want to be known as a nation full of back stabbing complainers.