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Subject: Re: Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?

Forum: Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?
Aloha Christi,

Like you said about your Grandmother everyone on my list is hard to shop for because they all have everything they need and then some. I really don't give many gifts but if I find something that I think my mom or dad needs or would want I will get it for them. Sometimes I just give the gift of my time and love which is all we really need since we have everything else. I too love gift cards because then you can get whatever you want and use it when it will benefit you most. I do like personal gifts so when I find something perfect for someone I will get it and give it for a birthday or Christmas. This year I did get my mom and dad a present. I found them each something I thought would be useful, thoughtful and that they didn't already have a million of them. My mom loves jewelry but I find it hard to pick it out myself because she is somewhat specific so I stray away from that unless I am positive she will love it! My dad is difficult because like I said he has everything he needs and is always ordering stuff so I have to figure out something that would be useful but maybe he has not thought of yet lol.

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: What's #1 on your Christmas wishlist?

Forum: What's #1 on your Christmas wishlist?
Aloha Dymphie,

Good luck on your NCLEX! I'm sure you will do wonderful! Yes those board examinations can be expensive. I just paid $360 for the School Nurse Board Exam- ugh.

So for Christmas, what I want the most is to spend time with my mom. I haven't seen my mom since last Christmas and I've really missed her. So what I want most I am already getting by taking a trip with my mom :)

As for a material item that I want for Christmas- hmmm. I feel like I have everything I could possibly want and then some. Wow, I'm really thinking hard about this and not coming up with much. I already bought the camera that I wanted and the lenses. I paid for the review course that I want to take so that's taken care of. What else? What else? I have a computer and tablet already. Hmmm I mean maybe an updated IPhone. I am quite happy with my phone now but if an upgrade had a better camera that would be cool. Apart from that I would love to find cool and unique items on my trip in Thailand and Taiwan. Maybe find some awesome gifts for friends and family to bring back with me.

Thanks for the forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: All i want for Christmas is.....

Forum: All i want for Christmas is.....

All I want for Christmas is good times with my family and friends, a great trip, new fun memories and a whole beautiful year to look forward to. I joke that what I want for Christmas is a boyfriend but really I want true love. I have too much stuff already and don't want anymore things. Gift cards are always great so you can choose what you want but again I don't need more stuff- I buy myself enough things all throughout the year. Sentimental items are nice though but I don't participate in a lot of gift giving. I prefer to spend quality time and have experiences rather than ask for things. Presents are fun though not going to lie but in all honesty I don't want more things. I'll give a few gifts this year but nothing to extravagant. I try to give gifts with meaning and or that are useful and those are the types of gifts that I like to receive as well.

Thanks for the forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Best present you’ve ever received?

Forum: Best present you’ve ever received?

The best gift I’ve gotten is travel! My mom has bought be plane tickets for Christmas many times. Getting to spend time with those you love is the best gift one can get. And going to a new cool place is another great gift.

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: What are you looking forward to next month?

Forum: What are you looking forward to next month?
Aloha Savann,

Happy Early Birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful 22nd birthday and get a chance to do something fun and meaningful to celebrate!

Happy Birthday to you too, Janine! Enjoy celebrating!

Bella, happy birthday to you and your mom as well and happy anniversary!

I hope your birthdays and anniversary are as special as they can be :)

It's not my own birthday that I am looking forward to but my mom's. I got my mom a really cool and unusual gift that I think she will love so I am looking forward to sending it to her and hearing how much she likes it hopefully! I also have another friend who has a birthday and I got him a similar cool gift that I also have to mail to him and hoping to hear how much he enjoys it. Both birthdays happen to be on the same day! I love giving gifts especially when I think the person will truly treasure the item. I haven't gotten my mom an actual birthday gift in a while since she pretty much has everything and hard to find unique things that I know she will like. But this I'm really excited about! It's hard to believe it is really September. I don't want the days to rush by but I am excited to hear how my friend and mom like their gifts!

Again, happy happy birthday to you all!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Presents: Money or a Gift

Forum: Presents: Money or a Gift

I too enjoy giving and getting thoughtful presents. Sometimes I think a gift card is thoughtful in that you didn't want to give someone something that they don't want. Gift cards are great so then someone can get whatever it is that they really want rather than being stuck with something you picked out which may not be there preference. I want people to enjoy my gifts whether it is a gift card to their favorite store or something hand-made or thoughtful. If I can find something that person would have bought or wanted to buy for themselves then definitely go with that. But if I'm short on ideas a gift card is just as good!

- Wanderer