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Subject: Re: Dear Self, In 2019 ,,, ? Finish This Sentence

Forum: Dear Self, In 2019 ,,, ? Finish This Sentence
Aloha Christi,

I love this topic. I think it's good to start thinking ahead to the new year and planning with yourself how you wish to improve in 2019.

Dear Self, in 2019 I will focus more intently on reaching my goals of passing my school nurse board exam. In 2019, I will be more confident in my skills as a nurse and as a mindfulness teacher. I will allow myself room to grow but at the same time be gentle with myself and patient with my cycle of growth. I will use my new record keeping journal to help me spend less and save more. I will nourish my relationship with myself as well as my friends and family. I will be productive and find new challenges to keep me active and focused. I will take life as it comes and not get too ahead of myself.

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Online Dating? Yay or Nay

Forum: Online Dating? Yay or Nay
Aloha Slynch,

I say Yay! I have been doing online dating for years. My last boyfriend I met on Okcupid. In fact I went on an online date yesterday, I have another one planned for tomorrow and a second date with a guy I also met online on Friday. It really is a fantastic way to meet people that you wouldn't otherwise meet and maybe even find love. I feel safe doing online dating in Hawaii and have not had really bad experiences with it. I have been stood up twice but that's about the worst it's gotten. I am hopeful I will meet Mr. Right one of these days and it's more likely to be from online than in person I feel like. I started doing online dating because I just wasn't meeting people in person. I work in the nursing field which is dominated by women so falling for a co-worker isn't likely. I don't go to bars and clubs much at all and I don't think I would want to meet someone from there anyway. So online it is. Also, I would not be on CollegeNet if it weren't for online dating as a guy I went out with and am now good friend's with told me about this site. So you never know what you will find but you are likely to at least have a good time on a few dates if you choose wisely ;-)

- Wanderer

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Who ya gonna call?

Forum: Who ya gonna call?

I would undoubtedly call my mother. She is very level headed about things and she would want me to call her. She would be happy that I am at least safe and sound and calling her for help rather than suffering. She would be understanding and loving towards me. I know my mother loves me unconditionally so I would not fear calling her. There have been times of crisis in my life when I certainly should have called my mother. I was fearful about what she would say but more importantly I needed her help and should have asked for it. I no longer hesitate to call my mother when I am in a pickle. I know that her love for me is strong and knows no limits so I would call her in a heartbeat!

Thanks for the forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Love yourself

Forum: Love yourself
Aloha Jon,

Great forum!

One thing I love about myself for sure is that lately I have been very committed to my physical and mental health. I am always looking out for myself in that respect with getting enough exercise, sleep and eating healthy. I am committed to doing things that serve my higher self both mentally and physically. I honor my drive to find greater fulfillment both mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I love my ability to breathe and take life one day at a time. I love that I am patient with myself and forgiving of mistakes and shortcomings that I have. I love that I am so thoughtful and care so much about other people. I love that I am giving and I love that I am fun. I love that I don't take life too seriously and that I can laugh at myself. Right now, I truly love and respect myself for training for this marathon for 18 weeks and having the courage to run this thing tomorrow. I love that I didn't back down from this challenge and goal of running a marathon!

Thanks for the thoughtful forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Are you damaged? What do you need to repair?

Forum: Are you damaged? What do you need to repair?
Aloha Kat,

I wouldn't say that I am damaged but I think overall I am still healing. In fact I was just thinking about my last relationship that ended a few Decembers ago and it still has the power to bring tears to my eyes so I think perhaps I am still healing that wound. Being a deeper wound it will certainly leave a scar but I feel like other wounds have healed more completely and did not leave too permanent a mark. Healing I think is a continual process that takes shape in each of our lives in different ways at different times. In one way or another we are all wounded and have to work to heal those wounds. I think I am still repairing my heart that got broken a few years ago. As much as I want to move on and heal I think there is still a tiny part in need of repairing. Hopefully it will heal completely soon.

Thanks for the forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?

Forum: Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?
Aloha Christi,

Like you said about your Grandmother everyone on my list is hard to shop for because they all have everything they need and then some. I really don't give many gifts but if I find something that I think my mom or dad needs or would want I will get it for them. Sometimes I just give the gift of my time and love which is all we really need since we have everything else. I too love gift cards because then you can get whatever you want and use it when it will benefit you most. I do like personal gifts so when I find something perfect for someone I will get it and give it for a birthday or Christmas. This year I did get my mom and dad a present. I found them each something I thought would be useful, thoughtful and that they didn't already have a million of them. My mom loves jewelry but I find it hard to pick it out myself because she is somewhat specific so I stray away from that unless I am positive she will love it! My dad is difficult because like I said he has everything he needs and is always ordering stuff so I have to figure out something that would be useful but maybe he has not thought of yet lol.

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: What is true love?

Forum: What is true love?
Aloha EmanJenkens,

I think true love to me equates to unconditional love where you love someone no matter what. Like a mother loving her child no matter who that child turns into as an adult person. Or loving a partner so much that what they do does not change your deep love for them. True love manifests on a level deeper than the physical but has a spiritual aspect to it and is on a soul level. True love is the purest thing that exists in life. I think ultimately we are all striving for true love in one way or another whether we know it or not. I think that between true soulmates true love exists. But true love I don't think is just romantic love as true unconditional love can exist between ourselves and all others. I think part of why we are here on earth is to find true love within ourselves and with all others. To truly love each other unconditionally is something to work towards. I know I for one can feel in my heart the desire for true love. I think it drives so much of what we do in our lives.

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Too quick to move on?

Forum: Too quick to move on?
Aloha Jess,

I would say it completely depends on the length and type of relationship. How heavily invested you were in the relationship would also be a factor. I don't think there is any set time to abide by when it comes to knowing when to move on. Ultimately, you have to give yourself time to feel it and figure out how best to move on. I feel like I read once that you are supposed to wait the length of the relationship at least so say for example your relationship was a year then you need at least a year to recover. Although that sounds like a long time so maybe I am remembering wrong lol. We all have to decide for ourselves when we are ready to move on. We have to really feel ready and that we have let go of the previous relationships and are emotionally ready to open up to someone new. For one person it might be longer than another or shorter period of time. Every situation will be unique and every individual is different. I also think in some ways life decides when we are ready or not. Say you feel ready and start meeting people but it takes months before you find someone to date on a regular basis so perhaps you weren't quite ready yet and life waited till you were more ready to send a relationship your way. Maybe it's a silly theory but life decides a lot for us. Even though we may feel ready for something ultimately life will send us what we need when we are ready.

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Re-dating someone

Forum: Re-dating someone
Aloha annabrrigitte,

In the past I have re-dated someone that I had broken up with. In fact I re-dated on guy several times which was stupid. It wasn't meant to be and I certainly should have just left it alone. I have re-dated another one of my exes as well and that one worked out better but still yet not for the long term. I would not re-date any of my exes again. I have no exes that I want to re-date. I want to meet someone new and not date someone who I have a history with. Maybe it can work out in some cases but overall I feel like it is not a good idea. Generally, circumstances have not drastically changed enough to warrant re-dating someone and having it work out. With so many people in this world, why re-date someone? Although, I know sometimes it can feel very difficult to meet someone new that you like but I think being patient works out far better than going backwards. It didn't work out for a reason and likely that reason hasn't gone away.

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Would You Date Someone Who Didn't Want Kids???

Forum: Would You Date Someone Who Didn't Want Kids???
Aloha Unique,

This is a great question and one that I am often faced with when choosing what dating profiles to respond to and to message. I have been back and forth about whether I want kids or not. Sometimes I feel undecided and open and sometimes I want them and sometimes I might want them. Ultimately I want there to be room to want kids so when I see a profile that says does not want children I tend to take a step back and likely not message that person or respond to his message if he sent me one. I guess I want us to decide together whether we do or do not want kids rather than knowing from the get go that this person is totally against it. Children can be a huge responsibility but they can also bring so much joy and love into life. Sometimes I think about how I would love to be a stay at home mom and totally and completely devote myself to raising my child or children. I want to be with someone who leaves room for there to be a decision about kids. I like choices and options rather than stark no's.

Great question! Happy Holidays!

- Wanderer