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Subject: Re: Board Games

Forum: Board Games
Aloha Grace,

I certainly enjoy a good board game every now and then. That reminds me I haven't hosted a board game night in while. I think my last board game night we played Catan which is a lot of fun and I highly recommend that game. It can be a little intricate but it is a clever game once you figure out the rules a bit. The other board games I like to paly are dominos and the classics are fun too such as monopoly and the game of life. I like to paly those every once in a while because they are fun and remind me of childhood since I played those games as a kid. I agree that over the holidays when the weather is cooler and we are staying indoors more a board game or two is a fun past time. I also play games such as Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme? which I recommend as they can be lots of fun but depends on the crowd you are playing with.

Thanks for the forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Christmas isn't always the best time of the year!

Forum: Christmas isn't always the best time of the year!

I have to say I really love this post! It is very thoughtful and well-written. It is true that the holidays can be an extremely stressful time for some people and for families as well. It can be a financial burden for many. I was thinking about this when I purchased a Christmas tree. Wondering how families who are already financially strapped could afford even a Christmas tree. They are very expensive! I personally don't make too big a deal out of Christmas. It's a time where I can be off work, travel and enjoy the company of friends and family. I don't stress myself over getting a gift for everyone instead I prefer to think of my time as a gift and look to spend quality time with others.

Also working at a school I wonder how many families are stressed over Christmas. While this holiday season can be a joyful time for many kids as you mentioned others are hungry and/or lonely without the support of the school day.

I've never felt like I want to skip the holiday season I just don't put pressure on myself to make this time of the year that different then other times. I may get a gift or two and this year I actually got a Christmas tree for the first time in over a decade but all in all I like to keep things low key and focus on traveling. I'll have a little get together with friends which is really a present to them and me and forget spending money on presents just to get someone a gift. My friends and family really have everything they need and more so it's spending time together that means the most.

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Are your friends bringing you down?

Forum: Are your friends bringing you down?
Aloha teebeetoo,

I think it is really awesome and thoughtful of you to examine your life and your friendships in this way. I applaud you for wanting to live more intentionally, happily and mindfully. I think even just the awareness around this issue that you have generated is fantastic and a huge step in the right direction should you choose to do anything about this situation. But noticing this and being aware of it in and of itself is an awesome milestone that many people don't get to. It can be an important next step to do something about it whether you just distance yourself or whether you speak up and say something about how the conversation is so negative. I would have a hard time choosing what to do but I am sure you will make the right decision.

Currently, my friends are not bringing me down. In fact, yesterday in the text stream they really put me in the holiday spirit and I ended up planning a party for us so we could all get together and have some holiday fun! It is difficult when you find yourself at odds with people you know and care about. It can be important to confront the situation and give it a chance to grow and change hopefully in a positive direction. All in all, at the end of the day we all know that having toxic relationships isn't healthy. I do have a couple friends that tend to complain a lot and look at the negative side but I try to keep it positive and most of the time it works but sometimes some distance is needed so that they don't bring me down too much. Luckily, with the holiday season they seem to be in very good spirits!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Addicted to love?

Forum: Addicted to love?
Aloha bubbers,

I have spent the majority of my life being single. I have only been in a few relationships and not very long ones. There is something truly amazing about being in love. There is definitely something in me that comes alive when I am in love. Something that makes life more vivid and fulfilling. I do love being in love. I wouldn't go so far to say that I am addicted to love but I sure do enjoy it a lot. It has been about 4 years or so since I was in love with someone. I do miss the feeling very much and want it a lot in my life now which does have me actively seeking out a relationship by doing online dating. Being addicted to love could be a good thing but it could also have its downside as well. To be constantly so focused on love may be exhausting and take away from your focus on other areas in your life. There is a time and a place for everything so perhaps during different phases of your life being addicted to love would be a good thing to help you find the right person for you. If we were all more addicted to love maybe there would be less hate and bad things in our world and people could be more loving. I think at first when I think of being addicted to love I think of romantic love but there is also love for family, friends and others in the world. If we valued being in love and having love in our lives more maybe the world would be a better place.

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Showing others you care

Forum: Showing others you care
Aloha Anna,

Showing others that you care in small ways and big ways is really important to upkeep a relationship. As others have mentioned smiles, hugs and doing nice things for people we care about is a good way to show how much you care for someone. I will give gifts and send text messages checking in and seeing how they are doing. Remembering things that they are going through and asking about them is another way that I show how much I care about friends. I will also send cards too to show that I care sometimes for a special occasion and sometimes just because. I will also call to show I care as well although much less frequently as I prefer texting so will often send text messages to show how much I care. I think also being open about saying that you care for and appreciate someone being in you life is important though rather simple and obvious it still makes a difference. Also, spending quality time with others and making time for them in your life and schedule is a key way to show how much you care for someone.

Thanks for the forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Breakfast with friends! Or lunch, or dinner?

Forum: Breakfast with friends! Or lunch, or dinner?

This is a really tough question as I really can enjoy any meal out with friends. Lately, I have gotten into meeting friends at a farmer's market for breakfast which is fun. But breakfast being a meal that's pretty easy to get at home then I think I prefer lunch of dinner. I have a few places that I love to get a lunch or dinner from so I think those two win out over breakfast. But truly any meal shared in good company is what I enjoy most!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Thanksgiving Word Search (game)

Forum: Thanksgiving Word Search (game)
Aloha dymphie,

The first word I saw was Turkey. I guess I am excited to enjoy turkey and all the good sides with it. I was a vegetarian last Thanksgiving so I didn't get to try my friend's mom's turkey but this year I sure will! Being a vegetarian/pescatarian turned out I was not very good at getting enough of the right food groups especially while training for a marathon so I have gone back to eating meat. I am excited to enjoy turkey along with everyone else at Thanksgiving. Last year my friend's mom was nice enough to make me a portabella mushroom. I think this year she is happy I will feast on turkey like everyone else!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Thanksgiving Day Thanks:

Forum: Thanksgiving Day Thanks:
Aloha Jon,

That's so awesome that you are taking time today to volunteer. A very noble thing to do and I applaud your dedication to serving others. Mahalo (thank you) for everything you do for others. Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for so many things. I am thankful for my health, my family, my friends, my house, my car, clean running water, my job and the fact that I am happy, safe and secure in my life. I am grateful for CollegeNet and everyone on here. I am also grateful for the awesome weather and the fact that I get to live here in Hawaii. I am grateful for my family's good health as well. I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful friend to spend Thanksgiving with and that my dad is with me as well. I am so grateful for all the opportunities I have had in my life for work, travel and relationships. I am really thankful for everything and my list could go on and on and on...

Thank you for the forum to give us a chance to reflect on what we are grateful for. It's always important to stop and smell the roses!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Thanksgiving: casual or formal dress?

Forum: Thanksgiving: casual or formal dress?
Aloha slynch,

Great question! Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a delicious meal and enjoy time with family!

Today I am going over to my friend's house and I will be wearing a long dress. Simple but more formal than casual. I like to dress up and I think it's appropriate to wear something nice when going over to someone's house for a somewhat formal occasion. I asked my friend what she is wearing and she said she is wearing a dress as well- knee length. I don't have many dresses that are knee length. I either have long or shorter so I am going with a simple yet tasteful longer dress. I never pass up an opportunity to wear a dress and look nice. I love dresses and in Hawaii we can wear dresses year round! If I'm not out running you can most likely find me in a dress!

Thanks for the forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Best places to meet people

Forum: Best places to meet people
Aloha Kasey,

Thanks for your unique perspective about closing dating profile on my forum yesterday. I didn't think of that and I value your input as that may be the case and I didn't even think of it! lol.

As for best places to meet people one avenue is an app called Meetup where there are different groups and events that occur and you can sign up to go. Meeting in groups with an activity of interest to focus on can be a way to spark friendships and get a chance to do something interesting. Hmmm other ideas that could work would be joining a gym or attending an exercise class. Maybe even spending regular time in a coffee shop or library. Man it is hard to think of ways to meet people. I had the same issue in terms of trouble meeting people after college which is why I went online for dating. I just wasn't meeting people in person. In a world where we are so connected by technology we can be so disconnected when it comes to simply starting a new friendship. It is an interesting phenomenon. I hope your brother is able to find ways to connect to new friends. He's doing all the right things- volunteering, church, work... just so hard these days.

- Wanderer