Hello Andy,

I typically am against more laws and government intervention, but this seems to be a case of the government making laws about a new problem that has risen due to our advances in technology. Regardless though, people should be responsible online and realize that whatever they post could be seen by others or sold to advertisers, etc.

I can see the value of you owning your data. It is your information, and it belongs to you. However, does that mean you need to stay off social media, because by it's very nature it makes your information public? I'm not sure. Social media has to be forced to take better care of your information, or you have to take the risk, or stay off social media.

I personally believe in privacy. I try to give social media as little information about me as possible. When companies or the government know everything about you, are you really free?

In the end, it is hard to talk about privacy and social media because the essence of social media is that they give you access to their thing for free (in this case Facebook) and then they make money off you by selling your information to advertisers. People need to be aware that this is how social media works and know the risks. I am not sure how this should be gone about, but companies at least need to keep your data "secure"; even if that just means that people cannot access it who have not paid Facebook for it. That's how social media works...

Thanks for the forum!