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Subject: Re: Fall Quarter Classes

Forum: Fall Quarter Classes
Hey Sunshine,

I have not registered for Fall quarter classes, however I know exactly what I am taking, and I know that it will be the most second most difficult quarter of time at college, without a doubt. All the industrial design students basically live in the studio during this time in the program, it will be extremely busy. However, I look forward to putting my heart and passion in to my work, and I am sure that I will be preparing myself this summer with lots of drawing, building, traveling, and other soul filling activities to fill my life with joy this summer.

I hope you ended up getting all the classes that you wanted to take, everything is so much more interesting once you are in your major. Congrats!:)

Have a soulful day,

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: How did you find out about Cnet?

Forum: How did you find out about Cnet?
Hi Tera,

I found out about CNET from my girlfriend. We were on a camping trip together, and early in the morning she would was around different parts of the beach looking for spots that had service, so that he could do her posts. I didn't really understand it at first and from the way that she initially described it, it sounded like a lot of work for a small pay off. After I began understand what is was and how cool it actually is, i decided to give it a go once I had a bit more time during my winter break. She would always tell me about interesting and thought provoking posts that people would create or that she would create herself. I loved hearing about them and wanted in! Now I have been doing it for the last month and it has been great! I have won several times, and I love the discussions that are created! I usually end up talking about them with people that I am around, just because they always get me thinking, and thats what i love about it!

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: What is your major ?

Forum: What is your major ?
Hi animal lover!

My major is industrial design, which involves the creation and design process of product making! I love the creativity involved with this field and I know that I will get to work on many interesting projects. When I first walked through the industrial design department at my college, I immediately fell in love! My mom always thought that I would be good at it, because I always wanted to be an inventor.

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?

Forum: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?
Hi Andy,

It is an interested subject of debate, and it something I have always wondered and been semi frustrated about. Although it seems like a benign thing to do, it could also cost the professor their job if the recording are used out of context. For example, if a student was frustrated with the judgment or character of the professor, the student could potentially black mail the professor.

Not only is the deterrent of the the student recording situation caused by potential black mail, but also out of the possibility of plagiarism. I think the worry with student recording also stems from the abundant opportunity to copy the teachers work and research through plagiarism.

Although there is much potential for negative things to happen. I think that there would be more positive than negative, and I think that the universities should give students the benefit of the doubt. The reason that it would be good is because, not all student have a fast enough hand to jot down all the important information that the professors reveal throughout the time of the lectures. It is difficult enough trying to determine what is noteworthy and what is not, so if you miss something that was noteworthy but didnt write it down, you are potentially going to miss that information when it is most important.

I believe that we ultimately should be allowed to record our professors, and that it would benefit the students greatly.

Thanks for reading,

~RIley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Rate My Professors

Forum: Rate My Professors

I feel like most people only use the website if they either really like the professor or reall dislike them, the views are really polarized.

Happy holidays,

~Riley G. O’Brien

Subject: What are you studying in school? and why?

Forum: What are you studying in school? and why?
What are you studying in school? and why?

I am studying industrial design. Industrial design is essentially product design, and the study of form and function. It involves creating an appealing form and function, desirable ergonomics, and how to draw and 3D model products and study the design process and prototype making process.

When I was in high school touring different colleges, I walked through several different departments at WWU wasn’t really interested in anything I was seeing. Then I walked through the industrial design department was like “holy S#%@, this is what I want”.

The program is very competitive, however, even though I wasn’t in the program, I decided to go to school and take GUR’s that would count toward my major, while I worked on my portfolio to apply to the program. I applied once, Fall quarter my first year and was not accepted. Next Fall quarter, my sophomore year I applied again and was not accepted.

At this point I had taken as many classes as I could that would go toward ID program without actually being in the program, yet. At this point I needed to be in the program to take the higher level classes that were required. I decided that I didn’t want to waste money on classes that would not give me credit for my program. So, I decided that I was going to move home, take community college classes, and just focus on me for a little while.

That Spring, I applied to the program and didn’t get in again. However, during this time, I also started my hauling and moving company, from several furniture shops in Seattle that wanted to use my business as their primary delivery service. However, I decided that I wanted to find a mentor for industrial design, so I got connected with someone who had been through the program that I wanted to be in, and we would go to coffee and talk about design and related things.

While Industrial design thinking became the focal point of my thinking while I was at work and walking around through life, I was thinking of ideas of possible things I could create, and over the summer I started working on several bigger projects that I ended up putting in my new and improved portfolio. This October I was accepted into the program and I will be attending school again at WWU this Winter. Coming home was the best decision I made, I made some great new friends, fell in love, and got accepted into my major. Persistence is key.

Happy holidays,

~Riley G. O’Brien