Hi Andy,

It is an interested subject of debate, and it something I have always wondered and been semi frustrated about. Although it seems like a benign thing to do, it could also cost the professor their job if the recording are used out of context. For example, if a student was frustrated with the judgment or character of the professor, the student could potentially black mail the professor.

Not only is the deterrent of the the student recording situation caused by potential black mail, but also out of the possibility of plagiarism. I think the worry with student recording also stems from the abundant opportunity to copy the teachers work and research through plagiarism.

Although there is much potential for negative things to happen. I think that there would be more positive than negative, and I think that the universities should give students the benefit of the doubt. The reason that it would be good is because, not all student have a fast enough hand to jot down all the important information that the professors reveal throughout the time of the lectures. It is difficult enough trying to determine what is noteworthy and what is not, so if you miss something that was noteworthy but didnt write it down, you are potentially going to miss that information when it is most important.

I believe that we ultimately should be allowed to record our professors, and that it would benefit the students greatly.

Thanks for reading,

~RIley G. O'Brien