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Subject: Re: What is your major ?

Forum: What is your major ?
Hi animal lover!

My major is industrial design, which involves the creation and design process of product making! I love the creativity involved with this field and I know that I will get to work on many interesting projects. When I first walked through the industrial design department at my college, I immediately fell in love! My mom always thought that I would be good at it, because I always wanted to be an inventor.

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Podcastopia

Forum: Podcastopia
Do you listen to podcasts? What type of podcasts do you like and which ones are your favorite?

I really enjoy listening to podcasts. I spend a lot of time in the car, so I try to make the most of my time in the car by listening to podcasts learning about things that I'm interested in.

Here are mine favorites :D

How I Built This.

Mindful Living and Spiritual Awakening

The Tim Ferriss Show

Pod Save Asmerica

Bigger Pockets Podcast

This American Life

Stuff you should know

TedX Radio

Subject: Re: Do violent television shows encourage violence?

Forum: Do violent television shows encourage violence?
Hi earthlyponders,

I don't think that violent tv shows are responsible for violence. However I do believe that these violent shows can encourage violence or at least imitations of violence. I think it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to educate the younger generations, and even steer them away from these violent shows until they are mature enough to interpret the shows.

Thanks for reading,

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: What classes are you taking this quarter?

Forum: What classes are you taking this quarter?
Hi CNET What classes are you taking this quarter?

I am moving back to the university after being a year away from the college. I will be moving to Bellingham to attend Western Washington University since I got into the major I’ve been applying to- Industrial design.

Here are the classes that I am taking:

1. ID 320 (3D modeling class)

2. ID 120 (Product design drawing class)

3. Econ 206 (micro economics)

Thanks for reading!

~Riley O’Brien

Subject: Re: Good or Bad at Essays

Forum: Good or Bad at Essays
Hi anna,

I since, high school when I took English 101 at a local community college during my time in a running start program, my essay writing skills have greatly improved. Now I feel that I can write essays with confidence and proficiency.

~RIley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Are you buying E-books or paper books this quarter

Forum: Are you buying E-books or paper books this quarter

This quarter, I will be renting my book. The book will be a physical copy. Usually I will only get an E-book if there is no option to rent the physical copy and if the buying option is unreasonably priced.

~RIley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Is it appropriate or inappropriate for teachers to

Forum: Is it appropriate or inappropriate for teachers to
Hi there NjBr!

I personally do not think that it is appropriate, I have always thought that it was distracting when teachers wore revealing clothing such as mini skirts. HOWEVER, it is not the teachers problem if I am distracted by their mini skirt LOL, and I think that teacher should be able to wear whatever they want.

Thanks for reading,

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: What are you studying in school?

Forum: What are you studying in school?
Hi Karly!

I am studying industrial design, which is essential product design. I will be studying the design process, and the manufacturing process. I will be making products for clients who have interesting invention ideas, but dont know where to start with the ideas that they have.

Thanks for reading,

~Riley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?

Forum: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?
Hi Andy,

It is an interested subject of debate, and it something I have always wondered and been semi frustrated about. Although it seems like a benign thing to do, it could also cost the professor their job if the recording are used out of context. For example, if a student was frustrated with the judgment or character of the professor, the student could potentially black mail the professor.

Not only is the deterrent of the the student recording situation caused by potential black mail, but also out of the possibility of plagiarism. I think the worry with student recording also stems from the abundant opportunity to copy the teachers work and research through plagiarism.

Although there is much potential for negative things to happen. I think that there would be more positive than negative, and I think that the universities should give students the benefit of the doubt. The reason that it would be good is because, not all student have a fast enough hand to jot down all the important information that the professors reveal throughout the time of the lectures. It is difficult enough trying to determine what is noteworthy and what is not, so if you miss something that was noteworthy but didnt write it down, you are potentially going to miss that information when it is most important.

I believe that we ultimately should be allowed to record our professors, and that it would benefit the students greatly.

Thanks for reading,

~RIley G. O'Brien

Subject: Re: What distracts you?

Forum: What distracts you?
Hi courtcong!

I love NPR tiny desk concerts! and I also love Dr. Dog! Good stuff! I do get distracted by this stuff pretty often, however I have found things to help me.

Meditation: it will teach you to let thoughts go, you wont be attached to random impulse thought and they wont dictate your decisions.

Moments APP: it will monitor your app usage and send alerts if you go beyond your desired limit of screen time on all apps of certain apps.

Out of site out o mind: clean up your work space