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Subject: Vegan Eggs?

Forum: Vegan Eggs?
Hello CNET,

I am a true believer in plant products. I do not eat dairy products including eggs.For a long time I just stopped eating eggs because of lack of alternative. Recently I found Vegan Eggs! I was happy because a favorite breakfast of mine is rice and eggs. The sad thing is vegan eggs cost like $7. It is not a large package so I was unsure on getting my monies worth. I expected a liquid , but when I opened the box it was powder. I read the instructions and you have to add cold water to the desired smoothness. At first When I made them I put either too much or too little water.They are also bland and need a lot of flavor put into them .Vegan Eggs is definitely not for the faint of heart. It took me a couple of tries before I got the hang of it. Now I literally wake up excited for breakfast because rice and eggs. I sautee vegetables and mix them with the eggs . It's so good with a touch of soy sauce I am in heaven.I was defenity skeptical at first , but I love my vegan eggs.

Do you like Eggs?

How often do you eat eggs?

Would you try vegan Eggs?

What is your favorite solo egg dish?

Thanks all!

-Poetic Justice

Subject: Re: Home "Grown" Meats?

Forum: Home "Grown" Meats?
Hello ,

I say ditch meat altogether and show us how to grow plant food. We don't need more GMO products made from a dish. The earth creates sufficient foods that have all the vitamins and nutrition one needs.Of course it won't be easy to change over night . A new lifestyle takes planning and thought. Therefore, I understand why most people avoid going meatless. A lot of people don't eat the right things once meatless because without meat it seems like people don't know what to cook. As I say all the time , there is a vegan version of everyone's favorite dish .The meat industry has brain-washed us so well that we are finding alternative meats out of meat. Instead of just going vegan or vegetarian and cutting out the meat man completely. Unless you have an area to raise cows , chickens and pigs in a clean natural way. Then just don't eat meat , because there is no real purpose for it . If everyone went vegan they would get rid of the meat weight and lead healthier lives. Meat industries will keep themselves alive forever if we keep allowing them to rule us. Once you go vegan you won't need meat again.


-Poetic Justice

Subject: Re: Questions about Veganism

Forum: Questions about Veganism
Hello Fellow Vegan ,

I enjoy being vegan as well and I agree with the tips you gave . I really had to learn to take my vitamins consistently because without meat and dairy I need to get those supplemental vitamins. I also , take B complex so I can get all the "b's".

I get asked all the time "what do you eat?". Literally is say "there is a vegan version of everything!". I feel like I have a lot of options as a vegan . I love to cook so it really is fun to explore new ideas. Also , you tube has a plethora of options. I love being vegan i don"t feel hungry because there is always something to eat. I digest food quicker because of the large amounts of vegetables and grains I eat. The best part is baking , I make goodies and treats all the time. I do not miss baking with butter and milk , because there is a vegan substitute for both. I replace eggs with oil , or I use vegan eggs(yes vegan eggs are real !) .

I went vegan because of my allergy to Cow products. In an allergy test by my allergist , it was stated that one of my many allergies was to Milk and Beef. I thought that was so weird , and I ate meat and dairy anyway. I used to have skin discoloration , and dry patches on my arms. I always felt like my skin was breaking out and I couldn't understand the source.I decided to listen to my allergist and i also , saw a very eye opening video on the meat and dairy industry. Within a week no more dry skin and my face is clear. I also , feel more energetic and lost a lot of extra weight. I found that veganism is a lifestyle that can be maintained simply if one is willing to put in the effort. I eat out sometimes and the most I will get is some fish to splurge. I also go to chipotle a lot , which is a great choice for fast food vegan!

Love the TOPIC!

-Poetic Justice