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Subject: Re: Giving back to others

Forum: Giving back to others
Hello ,

I love the holidays because more people get involved in helping others. I wish year round people were as motivated to give back , but its okay as long as it happens. I enjoy volunteering at my church's thanksgiving day feast. Where they feed whoever comes with a large buffet. I also volunteer at the animal shelter every week. During the holidays i try to encourage people to invite a new member into the family. I feel the love of an animal will complete the holiday spirit. Many animals need a home this time of year.

Great Question!

-Poetic Justice

Subject: The true life of a pet

Forum: The true life of a pet
Hello CNET nation,

I come to you with a thought that is meant to provoke a different perspective. Answer any question you like.

How much do you really know about the needs of your animal ?

Are the animals you have a equal companion or a prop for the stage called your life ?

Are you aware how non-emotional animals view the world and the enormous influence humans have on their animals ?

I have been exposed to a couple of incidents where I did not agree with a certain action toward an animal. In these times I realized that others viewed me as too sensitive toward the animal. I found that mystifying , as I believe that all living and breathing species should be treated with a certain acknowledgement.

The issues I pointed out in these situation are as followed:
-Yelling a dog in an excited state does not do anything. It actually makes the animal more excited. Animals do not even understand language , they actually only hear the tone of the voice. Therefore if you are loud it is translated as excitement. Using firm soft noises will yield a better result than yelling "no" at the top of your lungs.

- Giving your animal a slap on the behind is not acceptable. There is no need to strike your animal in such a way because it doesn't translate a message to the animal on the behavior you dislike. Especially if the animal is excited and just wants to play. There is never any need to hit the animal in any manner. Take time to evaluate the situation and calmly move toward a solution with the animal.

- Dogs should not be in the house all day. They are high energy animals and need to be taken on walks. As I believe all pets (within reason) need to be taken out of the house .

If you saw one of these scenarios would you confront that person in a calm manner or would you ignore it ?

These are just a couple of issues on a long list of habits that people tend to practice toward their pets. I have a lot to say on this topic , but i would love to hear others opinions first.

-Poetic justice