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Subject: Re: When do you play music?

Forum: When do you play music?
Hello ,

I usually play music when I am doing housework. I feel like it gets me going and I can have fun while doing chores. I also play music when I am chilling outside on my patio.

Good Question !

-Poetic Justice

Subject: Favorite Song ?

Forum: Favorite Song ?
Hello CNET ,

What is your jam ? Music is a universal language that caresses the heart of the young and old. I am always looking to hear what others enjoy. Frankly , I tend to listen to the same songs. I enjoy instrumentals and french acid rap . I am not a big fan of the radio , but I hear it in the car sometimes. I like to find underground music that is not as popular. My favorite song at the moment is "Non-Amour by Mennel Salaam".

What is your favorite song ?

Do you like albums or individual songs ?

What site or app do you use to listen to music ?

Thanks for the response !

Poetic Justice

Subject: Re: Instruments

Forum: Instruments
Hello Music Lover ,

I have been playing instruments all my life. I went through many phases trying to find the instrument that spoke to me. My first instrument was the Piano ,because we had one in our house. I played the piano for about 4 years , until I got sick of it. Then I played the flute , but i was young and did not take it seriously , it only lasted a year. Then for two years after that I played the violin. I still have it to this day , but I am not too good. The instrument that stuck with me was the guitar. I have been playing guitar for about 4 years. I love music and it is awesome to know i diverse range of instruments. It is fun to explore and know what one likes and does not like.

Great Question !

-Poetic Justice