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Subject: Re: Should we all learn a second language?

Forum: Should we all learn a second language?
Hi Matt,

I 100% think that it should be required in the US for kids to learn a second language right when starting school. It's the best time. So many people I know that took high school language classes retain absolutely none of it. Knowing a second language is so useful, and with the evidence about it's impacts make it seem like a no brainer. I also think it's easier to learn other languages after you've been exposed to a second language. I learned Swedish when I was pretty young through my mom, and I feel like it makes it much easier for me to learn and understand new languages. So many other countries start teaching children languages at a young age. It just seems like America is behind on multilingual citizens.

Have a great day!
- Moira

Subject: Re: House or apartment?

Forum: House or apartment?
Hi there,

I would also really like to own a house, but I won't have the money after college either. My dad bought a house right out of school, but it just doesn't seem possible for many people these days. I'm not crazy about paying rent every month, especially because it's not actually accumulating into anything I'll eventually own. It just disappears. But it's definitely the most convenient option right now, especially because moving is a lot easier with renting. Next month, my partner and I are moving into a house that we will be renting. I wish that our rent payments could go towards owning it, but we'll get there!

Best of luck to you,
- Moira

Subject: Re: Work from home?

Forum: Work from home?
Hey there!

I go into work twice a week and it's ideal for me! I like being able to work from home because I can work on my own time, have my cats with me, not worry about packing a lunch or getting coffee. Basically it's just really convenient to work from the comfort of my own home and not waste time commuting. When school starts up again I'll have to head downtown more often, so that's kind of a bummer. The worst is making my way all the way to school just for an hour meeting or something like that.

I do transcription work every day and I like doing it at home because I go crazy if I do too much of it at a time, so I'll do an hour here and there while getting other stuff done in between. The biggest con of working at home is staying motivated, but I've gotten much better at it!

Have a great day,
- Moira

Subject: Re: Vegetarian meals in schools

Forum: Vegetarian meals in schools
Hi Brittany! I've been meaning to watch that and haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll have to put it in my queue.

I haven't eaten meat in about 6 months now so I personally think it would be great to have more vegetarian/vegan options in schools for those that don't want to eat meat. I also think that moderation is super important, so it can be useful for people who still want to eat meat to discover some non-meat options that they can incorporate into their diet from time to time. Obviously, schools cannot force students to eat anything but I think there is a responsibility to teach about nutrition and a balanced diet.

- Moira

Subject: Re: Do you read for fun?

Forum: Do you read for fun?
Hey Kyle,

I love to read to fun, but only if I have a book that I really want to read and I don't have a lot going on for school. I find that I really don't read much during a school term because I have so much to academic reading to do and it makes any extra reading feel like a chore.

During a break, there's nothing like a good book that I can get really into!

- Moira

Subject: Re: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?

Forum: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?
Hi there!

I work part-time as an assistant at a research institute near my school campus, which is very convenient. I only put in about 10 hours a week there, but I keep this job during the school year so the low hours are great. I also do transcription work on the side which ranges between 10-15 hours a week. During the school year, I work as a graduate teaching assistant, which on average is about 20 hours a week.

- Moira