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Subject: Re: Why was your favorite teacher your favorite?

Forum: Why was your favorite teacher your favorite?
Hi teebeetoo,

One of my favorite professors was last year. I had two quarters with him and I thought he was fantastic because I like his lecture style and he really cares a lot about a students. For example, he did not look at notes or stand behind a podium for the lecture. He really engaged with everyone in the lecture hall and give lots of examples and stories. It was really engaging and I enjoyed going to class. I also took the time to talk with them during office hours and he was a great resource and really helpful.

My other favorite teacher was when I was in six grade. He was very strict and comparison to all the other gradeschool teachers and definitely prepared me for middle school. Although he was a tough teacher because of high expectations, he really cared about our students and I appreciate him. The thing I remember most about him was when he taught us how to shake hands properly.



Subject: Re: Do you have a favorite teacher?

Forum: Do you have a favorite teacher?
Hi Auntiec,

I really like my professor this quarter for Pyshiology & Anatomy because she has a really strong personality and is very knowledgeable. I like how engaged she gets everyone to be during lecture and she is also very patient when working with us. I want to do even better in this class so I can ask to be a T.A. for her class next year.

My other favorite professor taught one of my classes in Fall quarter and the other is Winter quarter. I really liked his lecture style because he also was really engaging with everyone, had great humor, and expanded on psychological concepts.



Subject: Re: What do you do when your teacher doesn't show up?

Forum: What do you do when your teacher doesn't show up?
Hi Nancy,

I do not recollect a time when that happened in one of my classes. I am sure that it happened once. I think that I would wait 20 minutes and then leave. If I liked the professor more, I would be more likely to wait longer. The professor MUST post the delay or change of plans on Canvas because it is unfair to students to waste their time by not showing up, just as it is unfair for students to waste the professor’s time by not showing up to lecture (after they work hard to prepare the lecture).



Subject: Re: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?

Forum: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?
Hi Andy Nash,


Yes, people should be able to report professors because just like police officers, they are part of society and also in the safety end up bringing of young adults. You know what’s going on in the classroom so we know that learning environments are safe for our young adults.


Although Students want to be with various reasons, the professor still has the ultimate decision because is there a lecture and their classroom. We should respect their words and lectures because they’re the one who has gone through many years of schooling, not us.

With all this said, I believe that students should be able to record lectures, as long as they are open about it and don’t try to hide it. A professor can’t deny students the right to record if they believe it is okay to do so, just as a civilian has a right to record a police officer.

The professor should have a right to know they will be recorded beforehand as well. Unlike police officers, professors are not trained in the same type of conduct and even though professors take an authoritative position, they still act as civilians and have a right to know when they are on camera.

Thanks for the great forum!