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Subject: Highest Degree Obtained

Forum: Highest Degree Obtained
What is the highest level of education you plan on obtaining? Why?

I am pursuing my Doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology. It would allow me to have the credibility to pursue research, write a book, profess, and make more money in my field!

Plus, I am really interested in this field. Immersing myself in this field is fun.



Subject: Re: do you go to lectures?

Forum: do you go to lectures?

I do attend lectures. Partially because both in the syllabus and in the lecture our professor said there will be content covered in lecture and lab sections (Tuesday and Thursday I go to a smaller classroom with 15 other kids with a T.A. teaching). Although the lectures are all recorded on Panopto and I can watch it later, I like to attend the lecture because I am interested in what my professor has to say. Also, Poll Everywhere happens only during class time and although it is only about 5% of our grade, I want to earn easy points and every point counts!



Subject: Re: Old CNET or new CNET?

Forum: Old CNET or new CNET?
Hi cramergirl,

As bluebella said, there is a cap to CNet of $10k. I have heard before that CNet used to have no cap. I hope tournaments come back again or the cap was either taken off or raised to $20k or more per person. I know they have the money to do so for each member. I have been diligent on CNet and have posted every week since end of June 2017 when I started. There were only three weeks where I took a true break from CNet and did not post at all. I have won $4800 because I have been acting with Integrity on here.

I really enjoy doing CNet. Again, I hope they take off the cap or raise it to $20k or more per person because it is sad seeing people come and go. CNet is apart of my daily routine. :)



Subject: Re: What is your favorite thing about being a student?

Forum: What is your favorite thing about being a student?
Hi bluesapphire7,

My favorite thing about being a student are the pardons we receive and the massive opportunities and resources that are available to us.

I am currently looking for internships and just telling people I am a student looking for internships has helped me network and get leads on internship opportunities. Also, when I am out and about, I often get discounts at stores or for memberships. If I make a mistake, I say I am a University student and people are very forgiving of students who work hard in school.

Lastly, the University of Washington (UW) has so many fantastic resources available for the public, and even more available for UW students. For example, the Career & Internship Center has free private mock interview and resume help for a full hour for all UW students. Also, there are so many libraries and databases available at all times. Along side all these wonderful things, there are multiple computer labs throughout campus, including one in Odegaard Library with over twenty Mac desktop computers!

All in all, being a student is super fun and full of opportunities and perks!



Subject: Re: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?

Forum: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?
Hi Andy Nash,


Yes, people should be able to report professors because just like police officers, they are part of society and also in the safety end up bringing of young adults. You know what’s going on in the classroom so we know that learning environments are safe for our young adults.


Although Students want to be with various reasons, the professor still has the ultimate decision because is there a lecture and their classroom. We should respect their words and lectures because they’re the one who has gone through many years of schooling, not us.

With all this said, I believe that students should be able to record lectures, as long as they are open about it and don’t try to hide it. A professor can’t deny students the right to record if they believe it is okay to do so, just as a civilian has a right to record a police officer.

The professor should have a right to know they will be recorded beforehand as well. Unlike police officers, professors are not trained in the same type of conduct and even though professors take an authoritative position, they still act as civilians and have a right to know when they are on camera.

Thanks for the great forum!


Subject: Re: To all of the new Cnetters

Forum: To all of the new Cnetters
Hi courtcong,

I couldn't agree more with you and mistervancleef. I started CNet in late June and have been diligent since I first learned about it. I have been on it since then, only taking a break for a month (which now I dearly regret). I love the thought that goes behind it and reading other peoples' answers. It's so great we are actually interacting with real people instead of just typing up essays and sending them into a group of people to judge us and then give us free money.

My tips for new CNet people:

1. Vote first and vote for people that reply to your post and are not right above or below you. That way, you will remember to vote and also won't be pushed down in the election because you voted for someone right below you who passed you. Also, voting for people who commented on your post will help keep the election from having the top people win all the time who don't even finish all five post each day.

2. Consistency all day every day. If you lack integrity, even just one day, it could jeopardize your position in the election and you will for sure lose. Not only that, falling off the face of the earth can affect other people who have been consistent with voting and posting on your forums because everyone on CNet is connected. It's a community.

3. Do a few video posts here and there. They are easy and fun and people like seeing real faces instead of just computer screens. It also helps in the election. On the front page, most of the videos "featured" are mine because I used to do them every Tuesday. I try to do them at least once every two weeks. It only takes an extra five minutes for posting. Typically, I will type up something and then make a video off of that and post both, in case people don't want to watch the video. I always save my creative and thought-provoking topics for the video ones because they are always on the front page.

Hope this helps!


Subject: Re: Cnet and motivation

Forum: Cnet and motivation
Hi bluesapphire7,

I keep my motivation up by looking back at how much I have won in the past. Also, what motivates me is how other peoples' place in the election because we are all connected in the election.

When I don't feel motivated at all, I turn to discipline to move me forward. I simply set myself a time that I must be done with CNet by. I always finish CNet by 8pm the latest.

It also helps to have a list of potential topic posts and a few written up beforehand for those really slow days.



Subject: Academic Achievement

Forum: Academic Achievement
What level of education do your parents have?
What level of education do your parents/family expect you to achieve? Why?


My mom has a masters degree and my dad has a doctorates degree. My mom does a lot of organizational and workforce development for a nonprofit. My dad used to be a naturopathic doctor.

My sister is working towards her masters degree to become a nutritionist and I am currently working towards my bachelors degree in psychology. Depending on how I feel after two years, I will work towards a PhD in I/O psychology.

My parents expect me to get a bachelors degree at the very least. My parents have pretty high expectations of what they want me to be successful and college is a great way to work towards that goal. I don’t believe it’s the only path to success, but it’s a path I want to pursue now.




Subject: Stress Will Manifest

Forum: Stress Will Manifest
What do you do before and during finals week to ease stress?
How do you take care of yourself in the midst of massive stress?


I have two finals and a small paper to accomplish by Monday. I have one final this Saturday (for some reason) and another final on Monday. Then a paper due at 5pm. I am very stressed and have had a lot of other commitments these last two weeks, so I have definitely not been studying as much as I should be.

What I do to ease stress is meditation and eating really good food. It is important to eat enough and have a clear mind. I know sleep is not going to happen this week because I have volunteering today for four hours, the two finals, the paper to write, a photoshoot on Monday to prepare for, and also still have commitments to be loving and connected with friends and my boyfriend. So much to do, and all I want to do is watch Rick & Morty while eating ravioli.

I must stay strong!




Subject: CollegeNet Video Post

Forum: CollegeNet Video Post
Have you done a video forum before?
Would you ever do a video forum in the future if you haven’t?
Why or why not?

I have done several video forums (I’m planning on doing one tomorrow on Saturday). I really like them because I find it fun to listen and watch myself afterwards. I also enjoy the responses I get because I tend to get more replies when I do video posts!