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Subject: Re: Minorities in your workplace

Forum: Minorities in your workplace
Hi bluebella,

I do not currently work at a job right now, but my last job as a front desk person at a massage place, we had some diversity.

We had a good amount of diversity at both the clinics our boss owns. The massage therapist at my clinic were all white except for one therapist. Our front desk team had a few people of color.

At the other clinic, the front desk staff or mostly Hispanic/Latino and probably 30% of the therapist were people color.

Of course, boss and our management were white, as well as the neighborhoods. We were in white neighborhoods, so it was all to be expected. Although would be great to see more people color in positions of power and authority regardless.



Subject: Re: When it comes to harassment, what is your role?

Forum: When it comes to harassment, what is your role?
Hi bruce Watson,

I do not believe we are sensitive enough. I also do not believe that real progress has been made until in peoples' everyday lives in the workplace are safe from sexual harassment, comments, and assault. Until that woman in the office isn't coerced by her boss or mentor to sleep with him for a raise, our workplace is not a safe place. Until that waitress/waiter's butt isn't touched by customers and the manager tells them to brush it off, our employees aren't safe. When we finally stop sending young adolescent girls home because their bra straps showing (distracting boys), our children will learn that their bodies are more important than their education.

With all this being said, everyone deserves humanity and respect. the feeling of violation and being stripped of one's safety is a very scary experience. Everyone deserves to feel safe when going out and about. People also deserve to be heard when a violation of their bodily autonomy occurs. It is a very dishonoring experience to be harassed and it is honestly a very scary experience that no one should have to go through.

The best thing I can do is continue to create conversation regarding these issues and donate money to trusted organizations that support this cause. Also, to teach my children respect, boundaries, listening, and love.



Subject: Re: Paid Time Off to protest?

Forum: Paid Time Off to protest?
Relating to the question last week, the nature of work is changing. Our need for manual labor is decreasing and may be nonexistent by 2050, because of increasing robots in the workforce. Personally, I do not see a predominantly negative impact with giving more employees more time off because our society is so work driven. It is not something I would personally do.
America, as a nation, is very high conscientiousness, meaning we like boundaries and tradition (versus high in openness means we like new ideas and change). What this means is that as a society, we like to distinguish our personal and work lives. We distinguish church from state. We distinguish religion/spirituality from science/academia. One reason why this whole PTO situation is creating unrest (chaos to conscientious people) is because we are bring light to things that are personal to us into the workplace. This is a no for many professionals because the order/peace that is in the workplace is being rattled with.
For example, if a corporate/CEO believes X and the employees believe Y, chaos is introduced to the workplace. Often, everyone in the company want to follow the guiding principles the company stands for, they just different way to achieve it. When there is a conflict between different ways to achieve it and employees have a voice to change both the company and the world, the CEO's can't achieve the guiding principle as efficiently as they would like.
Freedom of speech is apart of the fundamentals of America. There is a difference betwwen supporting PTO as a whole, or PTO against a CEO's beliefs. If PTO becomes a regular benefit in an employee's job description, companies will have to support it like they do for paid time off or maternity/paternity leave. If a CEO is against PTO becasue they know their employees would rally against them and their personal beliefs, then that would grate against the concept of free speech.
All in all, PTO would not a bad if it becomes legalized. The merging of work and personal life is what may bother people the most. I think that the chaos it would create in our society would be helpful because it would get more people to become more aware of the current social changes happening because it would directly affect them.