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Subject: Re: How is technology a mirror of humanity?

Forum: How is technology a mirror of humanity?
Hi bIceberg,

I think extraterrestrials would see how people are yearning to connect with their tools, but don't know how to. Our technology is so incredible, yet many people don't know (or want) to utilize it to create and maintain deep connections with other people.

Maybe they would want to help. Maybe they will just observe from afar.



Subject: Re: When it comes to harassment, what is your role?

Forum: When it comes to harassment, what is your role?
Hi bruce Watson,

I do not believe we are sensitive enough. I also do not believe that real progress has been made until in peoples' everyday lives in the workplace are safe from sexual harassment, comments, and assault. Until that woman in the office isn't coerced by her boss or mentor to sleep with him for a raise, our workplace is not a safe place. Until that waitress/waiter's butt isn't touched by customers and the manager tells them to brush it off, our employees aren't safe. When we finally stop sending young adolescent girls home because their bra straps showing (distracting boys), our children will learn that their bodies are more important than their education.

With all this being said, everyone deserves humanity and respect. the feeling of violation and being stripped of one's safety is a very scary experience. Everyone deserves to feel safe when going out and about. People also deserve to be heard when a violation of their bodily autonomy occurs. It is a very dishonoring experience to be harassed and it is honestly a very scary experience that no one should have to go through.

The best thing I can do is continue to create conversation regarding these issues and donate money to trusted organizations that support this cause. Also, to teach my children respect, boundaries, listening, and love.



Subject: How Will Humans Go Extinct?

Forum: How Will Humans Go Extinct?
How will humankind go extinct?
What will be the main source of this extinction? Why?
If you don't believe humans will go extinct, what will happen to humanity in the future?


I think it is a possibility we will go extinct if we continue on this earth-destructive trajectory.

However, I think it is also a possibility that we will have a symbolic death and rebirth. In the future, humanity will be different and the way our societies operate will be better as well. Clearly, some of the ways we function as a global community isn't working (slavery, global warming, mass consumption, etc.).

If we are able to "wake up" and transform what it means to be a human being, then we have to potential to either reverse the damage we've done or find a new planet to occupy. What I mean by "transform what it means to be a human being" is that we have limitations we set for ourselves and it makes it difficult to expand after those limits we have.

For example, what is that one thing you've always wanted to do but...

There are so many individuals I've met or heard through social media that do amazing acts of kindness, extreme sports, or huge projects they start, operate, and complete (or hand to another person). Imagine if everyone were able to get past what was stopping them in life, accomplish the things that are important to them, and create the connections in life they want.

That would definitely be a "death" of the old way, a triumph over the past, and a "rebirth" towards a new humanity.




Subject: Re: Are People Naturally Good or Bad?

Forum: Are People Naturally Good or Bad?
Hi Tera Ricshon,

Great topic post! I believe we all have divinity, a light, inside each and every one of us. We are born of Unconditional Love, even when our parents don't conceive of us from love. As Sammy said above, while observing children, they bring out nurturing aspects of people that sometimes they didn't know existed. They smile at everyone, and therefore do not judge. Hate is learned. Cruelty is learned. Resignation and cynicism are learned.

We all come from the Source, and each one of us carries that torch in and through us. It is up to us how we use that flame and whether or not we know it's there or not.

Thanks for reading,

~ Song ~

Subject: Re: Would You Work If You Didn't Have To?

Forum: Would You Work If You Didn't Have To?
This is a great topic!

I would definitely still work. My life, whether I have to work in this imaginary world or this current world, would be dedicated to service to others. For seven months of my life after I finished my AA, I was only working part time. Minus spending time with friends, I didn't have a sense of purpose in life. I knew I wanted to go back to school eventually, but I didn't know what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be at that time.

Now that I am sure I want to dedicate my life in service to others, I am currently taking the steps to make that a reality. Since the speculation for most jobs gone by 2050, we will have to redefine the monetary system. Most human beings' lives at this point have been dedicated to money. so without that drive, we will also have to redefine what it means to be a human being.

We won't be working for our own freedom, which we currently get with a paycheck. Instead, we will be working for humanity. Redefining what it means to be human will alter the agreement reality of how we act in our daily lives and also the course of humanity, which is going downhill rapidly in our current state. Personally, I belive most of us crave humanity's transformation. It is just around the corner now.

This is what I see the world coming to: We will redefine what it means to be human, thus desolving boundaries and limits we currently have. Instead of having work (9-5 job), we will have projects of different lengths and responsiblity (on the level of personal, group, community, state, federal, and global), and our lives would revolve around completing those with other people.

Thanks for reading,

~ Song ~