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Subject: Re: I'd Like To Thank ______ For _______.

Forum: I'd Like To Thank ______ For _______.
Hi Thankful,

I would like to thank my car for being reliable .

This is because I drive and bus a lot. I am very thankful to have this beautifully well-functioning car that my parents let me borrow, as well as my parents for letting me use one of their cars.



Subject: Re: Name 1 Thing That Would Benefit Our Country!

Forum: Name 1 Thing That Would Benefit Our Country!
Hi Thankful,

I agree with the two above that 100% renewable energy and composting is so important! I live in Seattle and I typically see 3-5 Tesla, 3-5 Leaf cars, and composting bins everywhere. It is awesome to see restaurants start to use compostable items as well.

Another important thing our country could use is a mandatory parenting education class because I know a lot of parents do not have social support around them, do not know how to do basic care for a child, and also do not know how to deal with a child. It is really important that children stop being yelled at, spanked, and ignored. Also, parents could learn to think about what they are doing before they have kids and use contraceptives or whatever necessary to not have accident babies. If education for parents were more readily available and even required for all parents, then maybe this will increase the quality of life each child has.

It is a whole new topic post on what this education would require in it.



Subject: Re: Living with Parents

Forum: Living with Parents
Hi monicam,

I am 20 years old and still live with my parents. I will finish my B.A. in June 2019, so I will be 21 years old then and I plan to move out after my B.A. I will be working through my M.A. and Ph.D, so I will be making money and will be able to move out. Fortunately, I have a good relationship with them and they do not restrict me from personal freedoms. I am only asked to help around the house sometimes and clean up after myself.

Since I am the youngest of two children, after I move out I will help my parents clean up the house and that will allow them to rent the top and bottom floor out, either separately or as one unit. I love my parents and I want to help them in their retirement. It will also be great to convince them to rent out the house instead of sell it so my sister and I can be financially stable later and renting the space out would pay off the rest of their mortgage and pay for a new place.



Subject: Re: Which celebrity couple would you pick to be your

Forum: Which celebrity couple would you pick to be your
Hi NjBr,

I agree with Ireen. I would love to have Michelle Obama and Barak Obama as my parents because they are both badass people and have accomplished so much. They are bada** and I would love to hang out with them!



Subject: Re: Want to be a parent?

Forum: Want to be a parent?
Hi Policy Maker,

I am not a parent right now, and I would like to be when I am older. I want to have kids in my late twenties or early thirties. It is important for me to have kids because I want to give back to the world and share my gifts with other people. Obviously, there are many ways to do this, but one really great way to do this is by raising kids. I like kids and I'm super excited to have them when I'm older.



Subject: Re: Mom Setting Me Up?

Forum: Mom Setting Me Up?
Hi Tera,

My mom has never set me up with anyone! There was always a wall growing up, so I rarealy talked to my parents about people I was interested in. There was also a two year rift between us, so that was sort of bad. Now, this are much better and I am with someone my parents like... A LOT.

Even if I wasn't with anyone, I don't expect she would find anyone for me. I'm sure her judgement would be wise though. It would seem strange to me if she did, but I wouldn't see a problem with it. I know she would be just trying to help. :P



Subject: Re: Strict or lenient parenting

Forum: Strict or lenient parenting
Hi courcong,

My parents were really over protective. They didn't let me go out too much on school nights because I would have to be home for dinner. I wouldn't be able to go to friends house and go out because my mom wouldn't have control over where I was (unless it was my best friend Alex's house). I couldn't take driver's ed until I was almost 18 years old because "statistics and safety".

In the end, I found myself sneaking around them a lot and lying to them because I didn't see any threat to my safety for doing whatever activity I wanted to do at the time. I was adventurous and also level-headed. I lied to them a lot and I do not like that I did that. I didn't feel like I could talk to them about what was really happening in my life.

There were a few times when I was 17-18 I could think of when I wish they were there for me because I felt unsafe or unhappy. I didn't want to reach out to them because I went behind their back in the first place because they would disapprove of what I chose to do and/or restrict me from going out.

My parents are not restricting anymore. I can go and do whatever I want. They know I am intelligent and hardworking towards my goals (University degree, side projects, business), and all my mom asks is to let her know where I am and when I will be home. I like to spend time with my parents now that they don't tell me what to do, how to behave and tell me I can't go somewhere because of whatever reason (dinner at 6pm, you have to do chores today, etc).

What I would rather have, personally, is to have super lenient parents because I trust myself to know if a situation is good for me or not. If I wasn't sure, someone (friend or family member), would know where I'm at. I am independent and sure of myself, even when I was younger. I would not want to be restricted from fun experiences because of my parents ever again.

Thanks for reading,

~ Song ~