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Subject: Re: What Made You Choose The College You Went Too?

Forum: What Made You Choose The College You Went Too?
Hi Unique,

Good luck at Florida International University!

I chose the University Of Washington because it was cheaper and closer to home. Although there are many universities in Washington State, I wanted the UW Seattle Campus because I liked the huge network and opportunity for growth that I simply did not see enough of at smaller or other universities outside of Seattle area.

Also, I love the big city, so it is great that UW is close to the city. I am very fortunate to live close enough (with a commute) to UW and get to be at this beautiful place.

For my Master's program, I may find one elsewhere on the West Coast because there is only one program in Seattle area and I may want to choose a different location. Probably San Francisco.



Subject: Re: College Decision

Forum: College Decision
Hi Jess,

No, I love the University I chose and I actually wish that I did not take a gap year so that I could have been finished with school by now.

I love the campus, there are great people (once you break through the aloof-social barrier), and the professors are pretty darn good as well.

Psychology classes are good here and it is pretty close to home. It help that UW is recognized for it’s medical and science departments as well!



Subject: Study Habits

Forum: Study Habits
What are your study habits?
Do you binge study, meaning several hours at once for each class?
Or do you study an hour or so a day?
How do you manage your study time effectively?


Tomorrow I am massive studying. I am studying languages in the morning, then the whole day will be dedicated to studying for my Sensory & Perceptual Psychology class. On Sunday after church, I am dedicating my time to my Developmental Psychology class. I am excited to be totally clear and complete with all of my presentation, exam studying, and papers due.

Complete means that I am caught up on all of my exam studying and also flat on what needs to be done to complete my presentation and 2 essays due in the following weeks. On Sunday, I am standing for complete work and a feeling of openness, ease, peace of mind, and freedom from work anxiety.

Being whole with all of my school work will allow me to operate fully with my business, leadership program, learning languages, and friend/family time during the coming holiday season. Cheers for a whole and complete life!



Subject: Re: Regretting University choices

Forum: Regretting University choices
Hi vmose,

I had the experience of wishing that I transferred into University sooner! I took a gap year and I wish that I had not waited a year and planned out my time better during community college to apply for The University Of Washington (UW) the winter before graduating. I would have not had waited a year and felt so awful about myself and my life during that year. I would have been able to get core classes out of the way as well. Who knows, I would know different people and be in a completely different place in life. I may even be a different person!

There are pros and cons to transferring sooner.

I love UW and I also think they could move a little faster with getting my CollegeNet forms in so I can receive my CollegeNet money. Large campuses tend to have slightly slower processes simply because there are so many students!



Subject: Re: How much student loan debt do you have?

Forum: How much student loan debt do you have?
Hi teebeetoo,

That is a lot of money, wow! I do not personally think it is a good idea to wait until after marriage to tell your partner about debt (because now it is their debt too), and I also think it is important to ASK and have a conversation about it before marrying someone. Though that is just me and I am not trying to make her wrong for what she did/did not do. Debt can be crushing and difficult. It pushes people into funny situations.

I would highly advise becoming very familiar with concepts such as "passive income" and ways to do that (real estate, investing, stocks, and owning a business). There are many ways to generate passive income and have your money work for you. It will also get you OUT of debt.

I do not have ANY student loans. My 1st year of community college tuition was paid by the high school because I did the Running Start program. My 2nd year of community college tuition was 75-80% paid because I worked my butt off to get scholarships. I took a gap year before going to The University Of Washington (UW).

Arriving into UW I had $10000. About $7000 left after putting $2000 to start a business. I did not now until then that my parents actually had a college savings account for me with $15000 in it. I used a combination of CollegeNet money, which so far I have won about $7200 and used about $5100 so far. I have used about $5000 of my college savings account and $3000 of my own money.

Currently, I am starting a job and will use that money to neutralize my expenses. I will also use CollegeNet and ideally this other scholarship that I recently applied for to pay for the rest of my school. That money that my parents *really* want me to use for school I would rather save and invest all of it once I practice a lot trading stocks with paper money.

I already DECLARED that I will come out of University being debt FREE and also $10000 that is all mine! :)

I do not know exactly how this will happen or how it will look like, though I know it will happen because I said it will! :D



Subject: Balancing School And Work

Forum: Balancing School And Work
Do you go to school and work?
If so, how do you balance classes with working part-time or full-time?
Any tips? I’m always open to new things.

I am going to start a part-time job my university. I will be setting up events and acting as event support for events happening at the HUB.

My biggest concern is balancing school, work, leadership program, social life, and. One thing that I did was get my work space cleared, as well as my living space and car. It made a huge difference.

This beautiful painting I had meant to hang up for a while finally got hung up on my wall. My desk space is very clear now. My friend, who lives close to university, let me use part of her apartment as my own office space. She works from home and is happy to have me over more often.

I am also going to school part time, since I wouldn’t graduate June 2019 anyway. Pushed to June 2020 part time will be easier to read it I will have better grades.

How do you balance school and work?



Subject: Re: Why did you choose the college you attended?

Forum: Why did you choose the college you attended?
HI Isacat,

I chose the University Of Washington (UW) because it is close to home and it is cheaper to be in-state student, rather than out-of-state student. I really like how UW has great connecting opportunities for students and faculty alike. Social life is huge and the campus is beautiful.



Subject: Re: On a scale of 0-10 how much stress are you under?

Forum: On a scale of 0-10 how much stress are you under?
Hi Frh,

I would say that I am at a constant 2 or 3. Right now, I feel a 6 or 7 because I have 2 exams next week, tons of homework to do, and a seminar weekend next weekend. I also have a job interview tomorrow. To say the least, I am quite stressed. I am learning how to deal with it in a healthy way. Primarily just getting sleep is the main thing. Also staying focused on what is right in front of me helps quite a bit.



Subject: Re: Never Enough Time

Forum: Never Enough Time
Hi Gabriella,

It is great to see you back on CollegeNet again! I recently hopped back onto CollegeNet again. It seems there are many new people, which is exciting! I hope you are doing well! :)

I definitely feel like I need to create time somehow. I utilize Google Calendar, even putting my sleep schedule in there. It is not a perfect system and I am constantly updating my calendar, which is great! I also calculate my hours per week. I re-calculate every month or so, since things change and need to be updated. This is how it works and once getting into reality of everything, then it is easier to navigate through the week because you know how much time each thing will take and even how much time to take for friends/family each week and not feel guilty that you are not working.

I calculate what I WANT each week, then I adjust. Each activity is total hours in a week

168 hours/week TOTAL

56 hours sleep
25 hours school/homework (10 credits this quarter)
15 hours work (once I find a job, I don't have one now, this is how much time I set aside)
14 hours travel (including drive, bus, walk, between class, etc.)
14 hours food prep/self-care/shower/eat/etc.
12 hours friends
10 hours Leadership Program
6 hours exercise
6 hours dance
6 hours date night
2 hours church

With this, I am left with 2 hours extra time in the week, which I can add to work schedule, homework, sleep, or friends.

Hope this helps!



Subject: Re: College Life

Forum: College Life
Hi Shannon,

Yes, University life is different than what I had expected as well.

I went to community college, so I never made an effort to be apart os student/campus activities, nor did I want to. I took a gap year to work and save money. Last year was my first year as a university student and it turned out differently than I had imagined!

As a transfer student, it is a little different to integrate yourself into the social fabric of the university that already seems well-woven together. Although I made a few acquaintances, I did not make any good friends until Spring quarter 2017. I joined Salsa club and started dancing (inside and outside club) 2x-3x per week. I absolutely love dancing and regardless if I meet people on campus or not, I found something that I can meet people ANYWHERE. I love dance and if I go regularly this year, I could possibly be a captain next year. Several people in the club already know me and I finessed my way into their social structure somehow.

I would love to do Taiko Kai, so I might do that next year. Regardless, I am all for Salsa & Bachata club!