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Subject: Re: Video Games coming out

Forum: Video Games coming out
Hi rearles,

I have not done a lot of gaming in my life (we had 1 family TV downstairs and a tiny black & white TV upstairs in the kitchen), so I do not know of any games coming out that I am excited for.

My best friend and I have been playing this game called "Life Is Strange" and I really like it! The first episode I was honestly not sure what was going on the whole time, and that is totally okay! There were some scenes I did not like because I do not like blood. I wish my friend had better prepared me for that because I get a sick feeling every time gunshot scenes happen. There was also no content warning for suicide and that whole section of the episode sucked. I also cannot really be mad at my friend because I guess she somehow does not remember any of these important aspects of the game lol.

Anyway, we plan to continue to play the game most Wednesdays, so that will be fun! There are a few she selected that I might like and we might play later. I really would love a game made for Avatar (blue people one) because I fell in love with the vivid colors, expansive world, cool language, and psychedelic influences. Also Avatar: The Last Airbender because that is literally one of my favorite shows in the entire world. They should also make one for Downton Abbey because that is my other favorite show!



Subject: Re: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?

Forum: Should You be Allowed to Record Your Professors?
Hi Andy Nash,


Yes, people should be able to report professors because just like police officers, they are part of society and also in the safety end up bringing of young adults. You know what’s going on in the classroom so we know that learning environments are safe for our young adults.


Although Students want to be with various reasons, the professor still has the ultimate decision because is there a lecture and their classroom. We should respect their words and lectures because they’re the one who has gone through many years of schooling, not us.

With all this said, I believe that students should be able to record lectures, as long as they are open about it and don’t try to hide it. A professor can’t deny students the right to record if they believe it is okay to do so, just as a civilian has a right to record a police officer.

The professor should have a right to know they will be recorded beforehand as well. Unlike police officers, professors are not trained in the same type of conduct and even though professors take an authoritative position, they still act as civilians and have a right to know when they are on camera.

Thanks for the great forum!


Subject: Re: What's your favorite video chatting service?

Forum: What's your favorite video chatting service?
Hi bluesapphire7,

My favorite video chat app is FaceTime,which can only be used between Apple products. I like it because it is very smooth, good quality video, and I can easily switch between my phone and laptop.

My other favorite is Skype because everyone has it and it’s easy to use.



Subject: Lights, Camera, Action!

Forum: Lights, Camera, Action!
Have you lead or participated in a webinar before?
Do you like to be in front of the camera? Why or why not?

I have never lead a webinar before, but I have participated before. I like them because they are more personal and take more effort than just a phone call. I do not mind being in front of the camera, so doing work webinars or anything like that does not bother me. I enjoy being apart of the community and most people need face-to-face interaction to stay connected. If doing FaceTime with friends and family will help us stay connected, then I'm all for it!

This morning I participated in a webinar because I missed a classroom date in my program. There were four people total and it felt awkward at first. It turned out really enjoyable to catch up on what I missed on my last classroom date.



Subject: CollegeNet Video Post

Forum: CollegeNet Video Post
Have you done a video forum before?
Would you ever do a video forum in the future if you haven’t?
Why or why not?

I have done several video forums (I’m planning on doing one tomorrow on Saturday). I really like them because I find it fun to listen and watch myself afterwards. I also enjoy the responses I get because I tend to get more replies when I do video posts!



Subject: Re: Should stores sell violent video games to minors?

Forum: Should stores sell violent video games to minors?
Hi Famu,

I do not believe violent video games should be sold to minors. We have alcohol off limits until a certain age because of the psychological and physical damage that can be done to growing adolescence. Also, voting, military, and other "adult" rights are off limits until older.

Although the age when all this should be allowed for young people are debatable, the point is that these things are off limits until they are older.

Violent video games can have a huge psychological affect on young people and we should treat these sources of entertainment like we do for other psycho-altering substances. I much rather see my teen out in a beautiful forest or beach with their best friends doing shrooms than my teen cooped up in their room with the lights off and a bright T.V. screen flashing violent visuals.

All in all, violent video games have a psycho-altering affect on young people and we should do what we can to keep our children away from those until they are older.



Subject: Technology Not So Advanced

Forum: Technology Not So Advanced
When was a time you experienced troubles with technology not working the way it is supposed to? How were you able to fix the issue? Have you ever had technological difficulties with posting or replying on CollegeNet?

I was really looking forward to posting a video forum today, but like last week, my microphone isn't working! The video will say it's recording, but then it won't pick up the audio at all! Oddly enough, my mouse will start "loading", but I know the visuals are already picking up, so I can't just sit there while I wait for the browser to load.

I wonder if something is broken with the internal microphone. Beforehand, I would always have to be really close to the laptop for it to pick up my voice.

Can’t wait to hear your answers!


Subject: Most inspirational video you've watched?

Forum: Most inspirational video you've watched?
What is an inspirational video that you go back to time and time again? What about the video or article inspires you to get up and do something about your life?

Help! I'm looking for new inspirational videos or articles that will encourage me to move forward with this small project I've been working on. The go-to video I always watch is Dr. Jordan Peterson's video, "Wasting Time And Opportunities". After the first time I listened to it, I watched it two more times. I had a short existential crisis, and then thought more about how to use my time and opportunities more wisely.

Here is a link to the video: