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Subject: Re: Let's Talk: Books

Forum: Let's Talk: Books
Awesome! Thanks for a place to find new books to read!

I've been thinking about reading The Road for some time - it's even already on my kindle. You've given me the inspiration to finally make time to read it!

Ishmael - by Daniel Quinn is a great book, as are the companion books My Ishmael and The Story of B. I don't usually read philosophical novels but they were really engaging and worth the read.

I also like reading Orson Scott Card. He's probably most known for Ender's Game since it was made into a movie (which did not do the book justice, in fact it changed the ending which was a critical piece of the plot). I really enjoyed all of his series and found it really easy to become involved in the characters' lives.

I can't wait to see what other books are posted so I can add them to my reading list!

Subject: Re: What kind of art do you enjoy best?

Forum: What kind of art do you enjoy best?
I like coloring! I'm not great at drawing, but I love being able to blend different colors together and make someone else's drawing my own. I find it really relaxing and a great way to relieve stress and decompress from a long day. I've really enjoyed the recent 'adult coloring book' craze...finally adults have been given permission to break out our old coloring books again (or buy cool new ones too)!

I enjoy other creative arts too, like painting, writing short stories, and woodworking.. But sometimes those activities just feel really big and a coloring book and some crayons just feels so much easier. Now if only they would make crayons the way they used to. The new ones just don't allow you to color in different shades of the color as well! :)