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Subject: Bad breakup - Who is the First to Know

Forum: Bad breakup - Who is the First to Know
Back to work we go. Happy Monday!

In a breakup, who is the first person you call to tell about it?

Subject: 3 Better Words than I Love You ?

Forum: 3 Better Words than I Love You ?
Good morning it's a great day to be alive and have a sound mind.
My forum asks,

What are three better words than I love you

Subject: Re: You're Beautiful it's True

Forum: You're Beautiful it's True
Hi all, I am happy to read the beautiful things that you have to say about your significant others. I hope they're able to read them and share in the beauty as well.

@jkowat, I love that my partner is understanding, very intelligent has the biggest heart in the world and sees me and loves me for who I am. They are my great source of strength, my support system and my biggest fan. Thank you for asking

Subject: How did you meet your boy/girlfriend, husband/wife

Forum: How did you meet your boy/girlfriend, husband/wife
Hi my fellow Cnetters,

I'm always fascinated with how people meet their significant other

Their stories are usually beautiful and cute and romantic and all types Aawweeeeee.

So I'm happy to find out how did you meet your significant other?

Subject: CNetters - S.H.O.U.T Out

Forum: CNetters - S.H.O.U.T Out
Since we all are like family here, and will be supporting and relying on support from each other, let's shout out any CNetters that we want to

Maybe someone posted encouragement, or humor, or advice for an issue we had. Put a smile on their face by shouting them out. Kindness goes a long way

I shout out


Subject: Thoughts become Things - Heal the Hurt

Forum: Thoughts become Things - Heal the Hurt
STOP HERE to release hurt and receive healing

This is not a mystical post, but one that is designed to help everyone who stops by. We want to unify our humanness and release the natural powers we have to let go of hurt and receive healing .

Every one is to focus positive energy and faith ONLY towards another person's post. Make certain to put the names of all the people you are channeling your energies toward

***I release the hurt of abuse, mental and physical that was placed upon me.

***I focus of love and light for my mother Louise

***I release healing to those with Cancer

***I forgive myself (Motiva) for all the pain I've caused and for self sabotage .

Let's unite and believe for the other person's post