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Subject: Re: Favorite local restaurant?

Forum: Favorite local restaurant?
So this doesn't exactly count, but my favorite local place for beverages is called Delish Bubble Tea. It's not a chain store, so the only location is right by our house, and I absolutely love their drinks! Before I moved to where I live now, I had never tried bubble (boba) tea; now it's by far one of my all-time favorite treats. They have such a wide variety of handmade drinks, such as smoothies, slushes, and teas, as well as add-ins like tapioca, popping boba, and "jellies". I love family owned businesses, and how the owner always recognizes me when I walk in. The atmosphere overall is great!

Subject: Re: Tea or Coffee?

Forum: Tea or Coffee?
I guess I'm kind of a Southern girl, so I'd probably have to say that I prefer tea, especially if it's iced and very sweet. Not only is it often more refreshing to drink, but it doesn't leave you feeling buzzed only to have a caffeine crash later on. That's not to say that I don't like coffee too, though; I drink it at least every other day just because the taste is pretty good, and it is helpful in keeping me awake during class. Recently, since it's colder, I've taken to drinking hot Sleepytime tea nightly to help me relax before bedtime. It is very good for you because it's all natural, and I only add a little bit of honey to it for sweetness. Overall, I think that both are good, but I do slightly prefer tea.