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Subject: Re: Is it possible to know joy without grief?

Forum: Is it possible to know joy without grief?
This is a tough but fun question.

I do believe we need to be reminded of the sad days in life but just remember them and try not to focus on them. I am ever the optimist and know the sun will always come out today or tomorrow.

My husband in the past couple years has read several books about Buddha and the philosophies of Buddhism. He isn't nor am I a Buddhist but since he read several books on it we definitely feel a relief from certain little stresses. We don't sweat the little things that we use to lose our hat over anymore and we now try to find that silver lining.

It's give and take in this world so we always need to try and think of the positives for now and for our future.

Good luck

Subject: Re: Cash or plastic?

Forum: Cash or plastic?
Hi friends,

I use both. I always carry some cash, not a lot. I don't like to hold onto that much just in case I lose it. But I agree with those that have said they can really feel or understand how much money they are spending when they use cash versus using the card.

It's easier for me to save by taking it out of my checking account and placing it into my savings on payday.

I like to give myself an allowance for lunches and splurges those I pay with cash. And I always have cash at home just in case the kids need something last minute for school. Which is all the time.

Good luck with your personal finance.

Subject: What's your morning drink?

Forum: What's your morning drink?
Do you drink coffee or tea?

Or are you just a water drinker?

I am a two cups of coffee every morning drinker. I am not a grumpy person in fact I'm quite positive and optimistic about life. But my morning needs to start with a cup of black coffee.

On the days I don't have my caffeine from my black coffee I just feel like I move a little slower. I don't add anything to my coffee. I enjoy a nice very dark roast and I really like it strong. Not bitter. Just strong.

Good luck with the rest of your week. Happy Wednesday!

Subject: Re: Have you ever changed majors?

Forum: Have you ever changed majors?
Funny you should ask.

I started out my college career at a junior college with a focus on engineering. I ended getting my associates in electrical engineering. The weird thing was I didn't really have that much in common with the other engineering students and just felt myself gravitating away.

When I transfer to a university I changed my major to Business Finance. I fell in love. And finished with this degree. I currently work for a local credit union and feel my degree got me the interview.

Good luck in choosing the right major for you. Try to think outside the box and maybe even call or stop by your dream company that you "think" you'd like to work for and interview them about their future.

Subject: Re: Choosing a major

Forum: Choosing a major
Great question.

I would start with company visits and interviews.

If you have a couple dream companies you are thinking you'd like to work for, go visit them. Ask some questions about where they see the company in 5 years. If they are planning on growing and what field of interest will they be focusing.

Don't be afraid. If they don't embrace the questions after telling them you're a college student then that company make come off your short list of future employers really fast.

I wish someone had told me this idea before I picked a major because I may have been in the health field instead of finance.

Good luck my friend.

Subject: Re: Favorite type of food?

Forum: Favorite type of food?
I love food. In fact I am totally a foodie. I even remember my vacations by what I ate more than what I experienced.

With that being said. My favorite food is Thai Curry. I love the green, Red Sea, Panang, and sometimes even the yellow curry. I love it spicy. I just love the aroma and freshness of the vegetables. We have several fantastic Thai restaurants in our area and I love them all!

You're making me hungry.

Subject: Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?

Forum: Do you rather write essays or exams ?
This question hit right at home with me.

I feel I have become a much better writer as I have graduated college. I had a block on writing while in college. In fact I was terrible. I used writing labs and asked for help from friends all the time. It wasn't until I met my husband that I relaxed and just started writing.

Honestly I am pretty confident that it has everything to do with reading. I didn't read for fun while in college. I only read what I needed to and typically is was from a college class book.
I still get writers block but I feel because I do a lot more reading now than I ever did, my writing has improved tremendously.

With all that being said, I may choose for writing essays these days. But old me would have said exams for sure.

Subject: Re: How do you cope when you are sad?

Forum: How do you cope when you are sad?
I'm so sorry to hear about your patient. And I wish you all the strength in the universe to continue dealing with the patients to come to you for help.

It takes a special soul to be a nurse and an even bigger soul to care for your patients like you do.

Earlier this month I took a tour of a Tumor Institute and got to meet several staff members as well as listen to several survivors. Everyone was in tears by the end of the day and all of us felt the passion and compassion that lived in that building each day.

For me dealing with pain or sadness, I like to lose myself in music. I love background music. Good beats and melancholy tunes. I can sit and lose all train of thought and bring myself back to reality. I don't, and am sure you don't either, forget or even want to forget the good people you have helped.

Thank you for all you do.

Much love

Subject: Are you a good driver?

Forum: Are you a good driver?
Hi friends, Are you a good driver?

Do your friends or family agree? Do you have or need a license where you live?

This question is top of mind because my son is in Drivers Education right now. He has his second driving lesson this afternoon.

I'm confident in his driving ability since I taught him how to drive on the back roads for the last six months. Me teaching him was a reward to having good grades and doing his chores.

He mentioned after his first driving lesson the instructor was impressed with how confident he seemed behind the wheel. (proud dad moment)

I drive a company car and am able to bring it home everyday, however I am not able to drive it for personal use. As far as driving for the family. I drive nearly everywhere. I think I'm a good driver. My family makes fun of my driving so I'm sure it's decent. My husband hates driving and our daughter just wants to listen to her music. I'm sure when he gets his full drivers license my son will be carting me around town to get his hours in.

Happy Tuesday

Subject: Re: Do you use Skype/Facetime?

Forum: Do you use Skype/Facetime?
I have used both but not for several years.

Video chatting is still odd to me. I don't know why. I give presentations all the time for work and I'm on the phone a lot for work but for some reason video chatting seems different to me.

My works uses LifeSize for our remote employees.

It seems very clear and very secure too. The only thing I can say is it picks up all the background noise without a specific headset.

I should try Skype with my friend in England, I just haven't thought about it.

Thanks for the idea.