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Subject: Re: What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

Forum: What is the longest you have gone without sleep?
I can't sleep tonight.

If I drink coffee after 2 or 3pm I am up most of the night. Like tonight it's 145am and I'm wide awake.

I think the longest I have been awake is a little over 24 maybe 28 hours. More than likely I had a couple minute snoozer during that day or more than day of being awake. But I'm counting it.

I prefer to sleep than to stay awake for so long.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

Subject: Capital Travels

Forum: Capital Travels
Hey friends.

I think I missed a day and I can't believe it. I'm sorry.

I'm traveling with my daughter to Salt Lake City. I brought her here to watch Young the Giant tomorrow night.

But it made me think about visiting capitals.

How many State Capitals have you visited? Have you ever taken a tour of a actual capital building? Where is your favorite?

I have been to several capitals but mostly in the West. However my favorite memory is when I visited the US Capital with two of my high school girlfriends. Clinton was still President. I actually got to almost meet Al Gore. My friends and I got lost in the Capital building and when we stumbled around a corner we were swarmed by security. But they were super nice and allowed us to hang out waiting to meet VP Al Gore. However he was too busy to stop and talk but he did pose for a picture.

It made our trip and we still talk about it.

Subject: Re: What do you enjoy doing?

Forum: What do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy listening to music!

Mostly softer background music. My husband calls it elevator music but it's really far from elevator music.
I can really lose myself in music.

Sometimes I sing really loud. I didn't say great. Just loud. Haha
Sometimes I sing with my dog staring at me.

But most of all I sing because I just want to lose myself and relax.

Subject: Re: How does it feel to win a scholarship on Cnet?

Forum: How does it feel to win a scholarship on Cnet?
I'm definitely an oh em gee! Yeassss!!
I still can't believe it!

I can't wait for March to come around to see how it all really works.

I have not received a payment. But I've been awarded a payment if that makes sense.

I think it will take a whole new level after the March payment.

Subject: Re: Label yourself

Forum: Label yourself
Fun topic

Band dad
Business casual
Wine lover
Home owner

Subject: Re: Escalator / Elevator or walk?

Forum: Escalator / Elevator or walk?
I choose the stairs. Especially at the airports or metro stations.

They are usually free of pedestrians and I typically get to the top or bottom before everyone else does anyway. I say this but I need to preface I'm usually not carrying a big bag. If I have a heavy bag or lots of stuff in my arms, definitely taking the escalator.

My office is on the 3 floor and I take the stairs up and down every time. The elevator is so slow, I just don't have the patience for it. I think 4 floors would be my cutoff. Anything more than 4 floors I would need to take the elevator on a regular.

Happy Thursday evening.

Subject: Re: Have U ever walked or danceed in the rain?

Forum: Have U ever walked or danceed in the rain?
Depends on the year. Sometimes in Idaho the rain is really cold. But Yes, have here.

I want to tell you a story about dancing in the rain.

In 2015 my husband and I spent a few days in Palm Springs on vacation.
When we checked into our room the hotelier said, "it's supposed to rain tonight and we have fixed your roof but let us know if it starts leaking."
I just laughed because in my head I just knew it wouldn't rain. After all we were in the middle of the desert in the heat! That was why we vacation there, for the heat and the pool time to relax.
Nope it started raining after we went to bed and I woke up with a waterfall landing on my pillow. I ran down to the front desk to let them know. So they started moving things around. My husband and I just left and went shopping. We trusted we would have a place to sleep when we got back. Well it didn't stop raining all day, which meant they couldn't fix the roof. We got moved into a huge suite since that was the Last room available. We were treated like kings! We just embraced the rain and danced and swam and drank wine under the eve just listening to the rain hit the pool water.
So majestic.

Hope you enjoyed my share.

Subject: Pen and Paper or Digital

Forum: Pen and Paper or Digital
Hey Friends,

Do you take notes on paper with a pen or pencil?

Or are you all digital?

I walked into my meeting the other day with my pen in my pocket and just my phone. My business partner asked me where my folio is? and followed it up with where are you going to take notes about our discussion.
I just waived my phone and said, "we pay a lot of money to have this device, I'm going to use it to take notes."

I have been taking notes on my phone for years but I guess it's the first time this particular individual watched me.

He was impressed especially since I was able to email him right away about what we talked about and what actions needed to be taken moving forward.

I still make lists, but they are usually in my "notes" on my iPhone. I delete the item when it's done or bought. I have a running Christmas and Birthday list for my family. Every time someone that I typically buy a present for mentions to me that they would like something or wish for something I type it in my notes. Who knows maybe someday I'll stumble upon a cheap one for them and gift it.

How about you? Is your phone to text, call, and personal entertainment? or Do you use it for more than that?
My husband hates using his phone and absolutely loves to write everything out. (he also has fabulous hand writing)

Hope you had a great Thursday.

Subject: Re: Do you enjoy any unusual food combinations?

Forum: Do you enjoy any unusual food combinations?
I also am not a fan of pancakes. They get way too soggy.

I'm allergic to dairy so I won't be trying your combination that really does sound pretty good though.

I like and haven't had it in years but I grew up with finger steaks dipped in warm honey.

My grandma would make me a bowl of cottage cheese and pork and beans when I was really little. I would eat that right up!

Fun forum.

Hope you ended up getting some sleep.

Subject: Re: Do you celebrate Valentines Day?

Forum: Do you celebrate Valentines Day?
We go to our friends place and play poker every Valentine's Day.

My husband is a florist and works a gazillion hours starting this coming Monday. So he likes to just relax on the evening of Valentines. In fact our friend is a massage therapist so she gives him a quick rub down while we all play games.

It's great then he just naps in the spare room while we all act like idiots.

Happy almost Friday.