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Subject: Re: Do you eat and drive?

Forum: Do you eat and drive?
Almost daily.

Usually it's a back bar or drinking a protein shake. But sometimes I peel and eat a banana.

I have spilled melted peanut butter on my pants on the way to work and it was embarrassing.

Needless to say I still eat in my car and drink hot coffee without a lid.

Have a great April!

Subject: Re: Talking or Texting?

Forum: Talking or Texting?
I love a good conversation.

I also love the typical quick and short response of a text.

I feel like if I haven't talked to someone in a while I'll call. This way they will hear my voice when I'm asking for something or needing something right away.

But if I'm in regular contact with them I prefer to send a quick text. I love embarrassing my kids with bitmoji's of me too. So if I text them I usually follow it up with a funny picture.

Happy Wednesday

Subject: Re: Would you press charges on a $8 theft?

Forum: Would you press charges on a $8 theft?
So sorry MaryJP.

I wish you knew who it was to teach them a lesson. Because in my opinion you are right. They won't learn or stop because they more than likely believe they have the sense of entitlement.

I once called out my step kids own mom for taking a dollar bill off My kitchen table without asking. I watched her take it. Put it in her pocket and walk right out the door.
When I called her out on it, she just laughed and said, "it's a dollar! If you need it that bad I'll give it back."

I politely explained, I didn't want or need the dollar back. But it was the principle fact that it wasn't hers. In fact nothing in the house was her, but the two beautiful children.

So then she threw her own daughter under the bus saying she told her she could have it.

I promptly asked, "Well if your daughter said you could have my TV, would you take it?"

Again she just laughed.

It took a long while for her to talk to me again. I later found out, I was one of the only people to have ever called her out on her taking what was not hers. She had been doing it to everyone around her for years.

Luckily she stopped.

Keep fighting and doing the right thing MaryJP.

Subject: Fresh flowers

Forum: Fresh flowers
Do you buy fresh flowers?

Or better yet, does someone buy you fresh flowers?

My husband is a florist so we get fresh flowers all the time and I absolutely love them. I love coming home to a nice bouquet on the table on the weekend.
We try to have dinner at the table each night with the kids so we love to have a small bouquet for decoration.

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is find a local floral shop and support them with buying a bouquet for the hotel room. I get to enjoy them while I stay and then offer them to the housekeeper when I leave. Also I absolutely love birds of paradise flowers.

What is your favorite flower?

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Thanks for listening.

Subject: Re: All about Finance

Forum: All about Finance
Good morning thewintersun,

I'm no longer licensed so please take this advice with a grain of salt.

You really have three choices with the old 401k.
1) roll it over to your new employers 401k plan. The pros for doing this is the majority of your retirement money will be together. Growing together. And you'll be adding to it. Plus the fees are typically pretty low. Lastly you can think of this as a pro or a con, you'll have a finite amount of choices to invest in with a 401k. Less choices less chance of making a mistake.
2) roll it over into a Traditional IRA at a completely new financial institution. Usually there is a small fee sometimes annually to have an IRA. But depending on where you take it, sky's the limit as to your options. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, cash, ETFs, and the list goes on. This is why when you take it to another institution there is a fee, because a professional will help you invest it into something right for you and your risk tolerance.
3) cash it out. Please don't do this. There are lots of fees and taxes involved with this and you'll be putting yourself backwards in the retirement nut.

My suggestion. If you don't have spare money or think you'll have spare money to add to your account without it being pretax and straight from your paycheck, roll it into your new companies 401k plan. Your new employer has already done the research for you and they have a professionals to help you choose options.

Good luck.

Subject: Re: Your FAVORITE vacation spot!

Forum: Your FAVORITE vacation spot!
This year we are not going anywhere for our kid's Spring Break since our daughter is graduating in May we are saving for a big gift to her instead of a vacation.

But my favorite vacation spot of the passed few years has been Palm Springs, CA! It's fantastic. The Thursday street market is absolutely amazing! I have bought so many art pieces from local artisan in Palm Springs.

I can't wait to get back there. I'm hoping this fall I can get back.

Subject: Is NASCAR a sport?

Forum: Is NASCAR a sport?

The sound of a powerful car flying passed you. You only get to see it for a split second. If you are close enough you can feel it vroom by you. You could smell the exhaust. Then wait for it to fly passed you again and again and again.

Yes, the drivers must have nerves of steel to drive so fast and for so long. And be so close to the cars on all four sides of them.

But is that really athleticism? Not really if you ask me. You're just sitting there driving in a circle...excuse me oval...and talking on a headset.

Honestly the athletes of NASCAR are the mechanics and the Pit Crew! They are so fast. I don't know about you but it takes me several minutes just to locate all the correct pieces to change my tire then to get the jack placed in the perfect spot so it doesn't come crashing down on me. Scary thought! But the Pit Crew. The real unsung heros of NASCAR. Which to me isn't a sport. Sorry friends that think it is.

What do you think?

Subject: Re: Working late...

Forum: Working late...
I would say it totally depends on the project for me.

I am salaried so my boss will work me to the bone if she could.

I do work a lot of overtime but on days I can leave early, you bet your bippy, I'm gone!

I enjoy my home life and my work allows for a nice balance but they know to get a great home life you have to put in a tremendous effort in the work life.

Good luck

Subject: Re: Does everyone enjoy doing C-net?

Forum: Does everyone enjoy doing C-net?
I agree. I enjoy getting to know everyone.

I missed everyone while I was away for a while. I'm hoping I get back into a routine and make this a priority again.

Here's to a great Spring!

Subject: Re: Do you wear glasses?

Forum: Do you wear glasses?
I don't wear glasses regularly.

I wear sunglasses from sunup to sundown while I'm driving or outside. I have sensitive eyes.

And I wear reading glasses in the evening so my eyes don't get super tired while working.