Do you volunteer or have you volunteered in the past?

What is your favorite memory for volunteering?

I am fortunate to have a job with a company that stresses giving back and volunteering. They promote it and support it both.

I have organized a group of team members from work and I always get my kids involved to "Paint the Town" or "Rake up the Town."

These are two very big organizations around our area and really easy to get a group together. We even clean up the river and green belt along the river.

I work with high school students and a couple local colleges a few times a year on creating resumes as well as mock interviewing. My go to question for all of them is when was the last time you volunteered? and what did you do?

If someone is passionate about something their eyes will light up and you really get to know them well from a volunteer story. The sad part is the majority of the kids I've worked with just haven't done it. I then challenge them to find something to be able to add to their resume for next time.

If you think about it, most of these kids don't have a job or many jobs to fill up a complete single page resume so they are filling it up with what type of classes they taken. Employers want to see a more well rounded individual that is willing to give.

It's a great feeling when I run into these kids later in life and they tell me thank you for the challenge and that was the ticket to getting into a program or job.

Makes everyone feel good.