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Subject: Re: Traditions?

Forum: Traditions?
Hey Jenni,

I have a few traditions that we follow at home. My favorite one is when we have this dinner on some nights called "Moon dinner". What we do is sit in the balcony and have dinner on moonlit nights. Usually when there is a full moon and the weather is pleasant with nice breeze, we may also use some candles if needed. Dinner everyday, is a time when we get together and talk about our day. But a "moon dinner" is one in which the dish is primarily a rice variety and my dad or mom actually mixes white rice it with curry or vegetables or sambar or dhal or yogurt (yes there are so many options) when it's very hot. Some special ones are garlic green chilli rice, pepper jiragm ghee rice, etc. Once they mix it, they serve us one mouthful at a time cyclically, we just receive the blend of taste and love as we sit in a circle around them and enjoy the delicacies. This is one favorite family tradition that I miss now that I live away due to higher studies.

Looking forward to reading everyone's responses.

Thanks for this forum, it brought back memories.


Subject: Re: How do you decide who to vote for?

Forum: How do you decide who to vote for?
Hey mistervancleef,

I usually cast my votes based on how thoughtful a response or forum is. It depends on the day but sometimes I vote for people who have answered my forum with a thoughtful response. Other times, it doesn't really have to be my forum, it could be some nice forum topic that I like or some reply to a forum that is not just lengthy and has a lot of effort put in it but is something really thoughtful and makes sense.

Sometimes while answering other forums and I see a great question in a reply even and when I reply to that; or when I see a great response to someone else's question, I vote for them because they take the trouble to not just read the forum topic question and answer that but also read those other replies and respond to them. Actually that is how a healthy discussion forum should be like and I vote to encourage those people.

It is always the worst when I see one I really like but I have already voted for that person this week. Sadly, you can't vote more than once even if the person posts multiple good replies. :(


Subject: Re: Backpack/shoulder bag/mini luggage?

Forum: Backpack/shoulder bag/mini luggage?
Hey Sammy,

I use a backpack as well as the mini luggage. I keep clothes in the mini luggage trolley types and other bulky stuff. I keep my laptop, chargers and other electronic stuff like headphones in my backpack which I may require during travel. This is what I did the last time I left as it's for long distance travel and for a week or so of stay outside. Otherwise, I'm a light packer and just use the backpack alone.


Subject: Re: How Important is Sleep and Napping?

Forum: How Important is Sleep and Napping?
Hey Brenda & all,

It is said that at least 8 hours of sleep is necessary.

But then I seem to have erratic sleep these days. Like during the exam or assignment submission days, I sleep as less as 3-4 hrs and on holidays I sleep like how a camel eats food and hoards it whenever it gets it; for about 10 -12 hrs.

In the long run, that's one of the most important things. My sister who is in the medical field always tells me to get enough sleep and how sleep disorders could maim my body. It affects our biorhythm, our immune system and ability of healing of broken cells in our body. So it's better if we all take it seriously and get enough sleep everyday!

Have a healthy life with some good sound sleep people :)


Subject: Re: Old classic TV shows

Forum: Old classic TV shows
Hey Crimson and all,

I just have a doubt if sitcoms will be considered too in your question. For I believe Friends is an old classic TV show that I love and watch even now as it's just something that gets your mood up with the humour.

What I really about the series is the astounding friendship between Joey and Chandler and the pure love between Monica and Chandler. I feel it to be abysmal if I don't see at least one episode a day. To steal Joey's words "If I don't get votes, it's all just gonna be a moo point :(."

Nice post. Keep these sort of questions coming (y)


Subject: How is your spring break going?

Forum: How is your spring break going?
Hey all,

I'm spending my spring break at Alpharetta, Georgia. I'm just hanging out with a friend and checking out the city and places to eat as it's got a lot of variety.

How about you all? Have you gone on vacation or sitting back and studying?

I'm all out enjoying this semester. I might go spend some time in Orlando before spring break is over.

Are you enjoying the holidays? Any future plans ?

Happy holidays :)


Subject: Re: where have you traveled to?Which one was your fav?

Forum: where have you traveled to?Which one was your fav?
I have traveled from St.Louis, Missouri with the famous Arch to Atlanta with its famous zoo, aquarium and museum to the beautiful warm-natured Florida on the east coast.

My favorite would be Kashmir which is nicknamed as the 'Paradise on Earth' (north part of India).

Here is a YouTube video that explains the beauty of the place and places to visit over there:



Subject: Re: Should Parents Charge Grown Adult Children Rent?

Forum: Should Parents Charge Grown Adult Children Rent?
Hey Kay,

I beg to differ. I come from a society where people stay in joint families and it's common to have kids and parents living together. Parents pay for all the expenses while the kids grow up and till they find jobs but later when the parents have retired and don't have a source of income, the kids take care of them and take care of all expenses from their money. It all just happens so smoothly that money isn't seen as an issue at all and people live together as families. So, I don't think parents should charge adult children rent! If the children voluntarily want to come forward and pay that should be welcome as that will make the parents happy but it should not be something like the parents should charge. This is just my opinion.

People still do take responsibility and grow up as expected while moving out but the good thing is they also get to stay with parents and take care of them when they are old.


Subject: Re: Do you work out?

Forum: Do you work out?
Hey Joey,

I ain't as bad as Kay I guess. I do a bit of stretching and yoga in the morning for about 20 minutes and push ups for cardio. During weekends I do an NTC long workout. Sometimes, I run. Mostly workout at home, sometimes I end up at the gym.

Not to forget the diet, I minimise sugar in almost everything and increase my protein intake.

Have a great and healthy day!


Subject: Re: Customer Service

Forum: Customer Service
Hey Alex and all,

Customer service is everything. A clean store or office, pleasant knowledgeable staff, answering the phone in two rings or less with a friendly demeanor (and not putting people on hold, if you can help it) are the things that will keep a customer interested and loyal to a store.

But this is not possible with large corporate giants. Well, if you have a larger customer base, then you need to buckle up and hire a lot of people for customer service and assistance as according to me, advertisements may get you customers but good customer service is what helps you keep them for long.

It's sad that you nearly had to wait an hour @Alex, but I guess it also depends on the time you call, as well. In peak business hours, the queue is just so huge and this sort of careless behavior happens only when these customer service agents are not held accountable, maybe the conversations are not recorded or there is no survey to evaluate them at the end or it's just that the person had a bad day or a bad experience talking to their previous customer (but they shouldn't let that affect their attitude with their next customer.)

So what would be a good option is to request the person talking to you carelessly to reroute it to their superior or someone who knows about your suggestion and can help you with your issue and not just give stupid replies like: "You're just going to have to deal with it".

I have had my share of bad customer service experience and I have been sure to give the rude customer service agents a taste of their own medicine and questioned them on their work etiquette and asked to speak to their superior and most often than not, they can't refuse if there is a survey at the end of the call or if it's being recorded ( for research purposes as they say ... Phew)

I think this is quite an important element of a company's reputation and they have to give quality customer service as much as they may insist on quality of their products or professional services as this is what will ensure customers are happy and will come back again to their company or refer another friend.

Have a great day! Hope your issue gets resolved @Alex and hope that you all CNetters don't get to face such troubling customer service in the future.