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Subject: Re: Your favorite month of the year?

Forum: Your favorite month of the year?
My favorite month would be the current one, as January is that time when you have a whole year ahead of you and you have so many important decisions to make and you can just think of all the special things that you did last year and reminiscence and maybe do something better.

It's also a time of realizing mistakes committed in the past and trying to make it right and it's the time for resolutions.
Whether we follow resolutions for the rest of the year or not we at least follow 'New Year Resolutions' at least in January. :P

Basically, a fresh start and turning over a new page in life's book.


Subject: Re: What is your favorite book and why ?

Forum: What is your favorite book and why ?

Hey D'Angelo,

My favourite books, it'd be Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale, some of Dan Brown, Midnight's Children, The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho.

Explained why in the video. ;)


Subject: Re: What is your favorite season?

Forum: What is your favorite season?
Hey Elisha,

I like summer too. One reason I chose University of Florida is because of the climate here in Florida. I prefer hot because you don't have to wear extra clothing to save you from the weather. But there is one problem: if it becomes too hot -> It's going to be unbearable. Especially with humidity.

But otherwise it will be fun to be go out on a bright summer day, play something outdoors, go on a trekking expedition and have a picnic or get together with friends or just hit the swimming pool.


Subject: What is your blood group?

Forum: What is your blood group?
Hey all.

I guess everyone knows their blood group. It's good to have it down in your ID card as it will be a lifesaver. You never know how crucial these little things can be when in time of need.

So what is your blood group? When did you come to know of it? Have you donated blood?

Mine is B+. I've donated blood many times and the first time I donated is when I found out about it.

Be positive(B+) fellas,

hBee+ ;)

Subject: Re: What distracts you?

Forum: What distracts you?

Hey Riley,

Facebook. Definitely any notification that keeps popping up. YouTube suggestions are such an evil trap actually. They kind of trap you in some limbo playlist where you are held prisoner and you realize it only when you see the first video that you saw come back again in a loop or suggestion and you are like "Oh God, I really need to get out of here"

Good luck fighting distractions!!

Subject: Re: Are human lives more valuable than other animals?

Forum: Are human lives more valuable than other animals?

Hi Kate,

It should be regarded that all life is important. But yes, we think we are more important ans animals become dumb victims.

Best way to answer is this:

Put a scenario where you could save a loved one or an animal. What would you do?

Ideal stuff even for animal lovers won't seem ideal when it gets personal
It's just because we see animals in zoos and all that we even consider this question as we are causing imbalance to nature. So we must stop that. For, if we do that then it shouldn't be a problem because no wild animal is going to think of saving your life when one of its species' life is at stake.

Subject: Re: Pop, Rock, country what's your favorite music?

Forum: Pop, Rock, country what's your favorite music?
Hey Jenelu,

I love pop maybe mainly because of the king of Pop, Michael Jackson. How amany other MJ fans out there?

I also love some rap like Eminem and good rock combo of his like Lose yourself

Have a great day!!

Subject: Re: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Forum: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hey all,

Alexis and Eddie, it's nice to you two of you in Computer Science. Hopefully I might end up in a position in a top data science position in a good company.


Subject: Re: @ What time do U leave your house or return ?

Forum: @ What time do U leave your house or return ?

Hey Emilie,

I just do it in random times actually. But last few days I left around 3 pm in the afternoon and returned around 2 am in the night.


Subject: Re: Extrovert of Introvert?

Forum: Extrovert of Introvert?

Hello Dakine,

I'm definitely an ambivert, but more on the introvert side! As much as I like being social and love helping people, even strangers, I shudder small, non-sensible talks. In fact I hate small talks and feel uncomfortable while doing so. I like being with friends but again gangs and groups don't suit me. I'd rather sit at home and read my favourite book or have a Netflix marathon rather than clubbing or partying. I really don't know how to be a total extrovert!

Thanks for asking,