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Subject: Searching for jobs? Updated LinkedIn profile?

Forum: Searching for jobs? Updated LinkedIn profile?
Hey all,

I have been trying to get an internship opportunity for the summer and one of the very first thing I had to do was to hone my resume and LinkedIn profile. So how about you guys, do you keep an updated LinkedIn profile always or just when you are looking for a job?

Are any of you currently looking for jobs or internships? Have you tried the LinkedIn premium? Any tips for job search, contacting recruiters and building profile ?

I hope this forum helps all those who are looking for summer internship or other full-time opportunities and will be graduating this semester and yet to land a job. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.

Have a happy weekend :)


Subject: Re: What other Scholarship opportunities do you take?

Forum: What other Scholarship opportunities do you take?
Hey all,

I have one other scholarship other than CollegeNet. It's Achievement Award Scholarship for New Engineering Graduate Students that includes a partial tuition waiver awarded in view of outstanding credentials exhibited during undergraduate degree. It's provided by Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at UF and amounts to $4500 ($1500 per semester for 3 semesters). This I could get due to my performance in undergrad being meritorious and only a few of us got this one.

But even after deducting the scholarship amount, I still have a large fee to pay. What really helps then is the fact that I'm trying for scholarships at CNet which I feel is one of the best opportunities for scholarships.


Subject: Re: What do you think of makeup? Do you wear it, why?

Forum: What do you think of makeup? Do you wear it, why?
Hey Elisa,

Nice question. First of all, I beg to differ in my views. I don't like makeup. Let me correct myself, I don't like makeup on myself. On girls, I don't like too much make up. Maybe most men might not like to have it on themselves. May be it's just peer pressure. Girls see other girls, their friends maybe wearing really beautiful makeup- fall for it, ask the person wearing them about it and they too wear it the next day. Guys don't care much about fashion sense unless they are trying to woo a girl. There is not going to be "I want that style from tomorrow" attitude in me mostly because I'm lazy and sometimes shy to go ask others where they got a haircut, plus nor will I feel jealous or threatened if someone does something fashionable. Most of the time, the way guys cope up with someone trying something new is a sadistic way of discouraging the person who did try something new by commenting how bad it looked or something. This is just few people who will mock you for everything.

As to this:
"I have gone to class before with no makeup on in the past, and people would legit tap on me and ask me if I was sick."

Well you made it a habit to wear makeup I presume, that when you don't wear people tend to see something off about you and ask if you are sick. Say you don't wear makeup for a month, do you think they would after that, it's just what you do that forms people's perception of you.

Maybe some people are too self conscious at a unisex gym and don't want to look bad while they work out. It's their choice but my doubt is won't all the makeup get washed with all the sweat and make you look more of a mess and worse than normal or do they don't workout as hard as I do and don't sweat that much?

You might not have expected these answers nor a guy to answer in this forum first but then, these are my views on makeup.


Subject: Work: Stay alone in lab all night? Or go home?

Forum: Work: Stay alone in lab all night? Or go home?

Hey all,

If you have a lot of research work going on and you are put in a situation where one of your colleagues accidentally deletes your work, you have to put in double time to get back on track. :(

That's what has happened to me. What will you do? Ask the colleague to rectify his blunder or just do it yourself. I just chose the latter.

Also where is your preferred workspace? Lab or home or library?

Have a nice weekend!


Subject: Do you eat canned food a lot? Healthy? No time?

Forum: Do you eat canned food a lot? Healthy? No time?
Hey all,

I had stopped eating canned food a while back. Partly because I had heard from someone that it's not healthy and can create health problems over time. The other lame reason was that I was too lazy to keep buying can openers when my roommates invariably broke a new one in a week or so.

But then cutting down fresh vegetables and other stuff can take a lot of time as compared to the comfortable canned food.

So how about you? Do you consume canned food a lot? Or do you prefer making fresh food from scratch ?

Do you have the time for it? How can you manage cooking and college?


Subject: How did your Valentine's Day go?

Forum: How did your Valentine's Day go?
Hey guys,

I know we discussed on an earlier forum about plans for yesterday, but then how many of your plans could you execute? Were there any surprises from your loved one or did you surprise them?

For me, the brightest part of the day after slogging whole day was when I laughed at 10:30 pm when the professor jokingly said after the exam, "Now go and enjoy Valentine's Day ".

PS: the exam was very bad too. :(

And even cooler question: Did any of you previously single end up being not so after yesterday? Lucky you! Congrats to you all!

Subject: Re: Facebook or Twitter? More like CNet now! Thank you guys :)

Forum: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?

Thank you Kendra and Cynthia for the wishes. Thank you all for your replies and votes. I feel privileged to have such support and amicability!!

The reason I think that CollegeNet is better in ways is that you don't reshare others posts or just funny memes and videos. Here is where you actually get a chance to say what you want to and people read and vote for it based on the merit of your thoughts and arguments (Structure and grammar of the language here compared to other social media. Oh please! Don't let me to even get started on that )


Subject: CNET:Losing after coming so close?Tips?Motivation?

Forum: CNET:Losing after coming so close?Tips?Motivation?
Hello all,

To all the veterans out there and new experts too, have you come so close like in top 16 and lose out when only the top 14 are the winners?

I seem to be consistently doing it in the past few weeks. This had happened back when I hadn't won any scholarship at all, but not this bad. So I'm almost feeling like to win again is Herculean.

So, any tips on coming out of this losing spree? Looking forward to your suggestions, thanks in advance.


Subject: Re: Your favorite month of the year?

Forum: Your favorite month of the year?
My favorite month would be the current one, as January is that time when you have a whole year ahead of you and you have so many important decisions to make and you can just think of all the special things that you did last year and reminiscence and maybe do something better.

It's also a time of realizing mistakes committed in the past and trying to make it right and it's the time for resolutions.
Whether we follow resolutions for the rest of the year or not we at least follow 'New Year Resolutions' at least in January. :P

Basically, a fresh start and turning over a new page in life's book.


Subject: Re: What is your favorite book and why ?

Forum: What is your favorite book and why ?

Hey D'Angelo,

My favourite books, it'd be Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale, some of Dan Brown, Midnight's Children, The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho.

Explained why in the video. ;)