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Subject: Re: Tit for tat- Question the Question game

Forum: Tit for tat- Question the Question game
True that, Kendra. Have any of you guys applied and successfully received any financial aid other than CollegeNet scholarships?

Subject: Re: Do you think GPA matters?

Forum: Do you think GPA matters?

Hey all,

How about family guys? Do you have any uncomfortable situations where people in your family ask about your GPA, then compare with cousins or comment on whether you should still be spending in studies in case your grades are dropping?


Subject: Last minute prep/ Periodic Study

Forum: Last minute prep/ Periodic Study
Hey C'Netters,

The million dollar question right in front of exams, "Have you studied for the exams? How prepared are you?"

So yeah, do you prepare in the last minute like me right now, trying to zip past hoards of recorded video lectures. Thankfully half of them, I have watched once already and some classes I had attended, or else I'll be in hot soup.

Also, how about your preparation or daily study routine throughout the semester? Have you prepared for exams well in advance?

Or are you in the same ship as me?

Sorry that I had to post about exams, it's in the air.
Hope exam preparations fetch some votes from y'all. Thank you in advance.
Have a great day and all the best for your exams, people !!!


Subject: Graduate or undergraduate student?

Forum: Graduate or undergraduate student?
Hey All,

I have observed that people from all ages use CollegeNet which is great as we get views of different levels of understanding getting shared here and varying levels of experience and knowledge.

So are you a graduate student or an undergraduate student?

Let's see who are more here.


Subject: Work in Individual Projects/Group Projects?

Forum: Work in Individual Projects/Group Projects?
Hey all,

As it's the trend these days, the curriculum focuses a lot on projects based on the understanding of the lessons rather than just the traditional exam schedule.

I personally like doing group projects when it comes to a new subject as there can always be discussions from teammates to help you out when you are lost.

But this can't be true when the team is not a comfortable mix for you and you are confident enough to do it alone.

So what is your preference when it comes to doing projects? Lone Wolf or a group?


Subject: Re: Study at home or in the library?

Forum: Study at home or in the library?
Hey guys,

I usually keep oscillating between library and home. If I want to watch video lectures without headphones I choose to study at home. But due to the amount of distractions at home (as I live in a shared room), I tend to prefer library usually.

Thank you. Have a great day!!


Subject: Study at home or in the library?

Forum: Study at home or in the library?

Hey guys,
Where do you study??

Subject: Re: New Years Resolution

Forum: New Years Resolution

Hey Jenelu,

Nice post. Too soon but at least now it will be a firm one if we declare. I'm trying to complete things within deadline and finish things in a more organized way in the next semester.


Subject: Name something you love about your university

Forum: Name something you love about your university
Hey CollegeNetters,

What is something you love at your university?

What is that thing which makes you proud of joining your university?

Personally, I'm a huge fan of my university's library. It's got so many facilities like UBorrow, Inter Library Loan, app development center and digital device lending. There are so many books, traditional blackboards, study carrels and even study rooms with a huge TV and sound system. There is a separate floor for graduates, there are many buildings of which one is open 24x7. The internet speed is just too good and the furniture is of different variety for you to choose according to your comfort. Then there is also a Star Bucks nearby to keep you awake and alert with coffee.

Looking forward to all your responses!!

Subject: Re: Whatsapp or Facebook messenger or Hangouts?

Forum: Whatsapp or Facebook messenger or Hangouts?

Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

Looks like Google Hangout is preferred but I'm surprised @AkiraW1, doesn't know about it.

Anyway, are you all looking forward to WhatsApp video calling feature? Do you think it'd be better than Hangout?

Anyone using Viber or other such apps?

Have you used video calling for group meetings or studying?