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Subject: Do you like going to beaches?

Forum: Do you like going to beaches?
Hey guys,

A happy question today. Who doesn't love playing in the beach!
I mean, I love it when the waters brush through my feet and the sound of the waves is heavenly.

So have you guys feel this way about beaches? What's the best thing about them?

Have a great day.


Subject: Re: What is your favorite season?

Forum: What is your favorite season?
Hey Elisha,

I like summer too. One reason I chose University of Florida is because of the climate here in Florida. I prefer hot because you don't have to wear extra clothing to save you from the weather. But there is one problem: if it becomes too hot -> It's going to be unbearable. Especially with humidity.

But otherwise it will be fun to be go out on a bright summer day, play something outdoors, go on a trekking expedition and have a picnic or get together with friends or just hit the swimming pool.


Subject: Tit for tat- Question the Question game

Forum: Tit for tat- Question the Question game
They say the best way to answer a question is with another.
This is a forum game. First poster posts a question. Second poster answers it in the form of a question... and so on. Let's see how far we can go.


1st poster: What did you have for breakfast?

2nd poster: Cereal, why ask, would you cook something better for me?

3rd poster: I can, but will anyone eat my dishes considering I'm a bad cook?

Hope this is fun.

Enjoy fellas.

Let me start with a question then. Are you using a PC or a laptop now? (now as in while you are reading this forum ;) )


Subject: Selfies!

Forum: Selfies!
Hey guys,

Do you like taking selfies? It's become the latest fad among many irrespective of their age and it's a lot of fun!

But it can also become an obsession, don't you agree? Share your thoughts.

Have a great day!


Subject: Waiting for Sherlock Holmes?

Forum: Waiting for Sherlock Holmes?
Any of you waiting for Sherlock Holmes' next season premiering on New Year's Day? I love the series and am a fan of Irene Adler, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarity in that order. Who is your favorite character?

It seems the episode is going to be screened in select cinemas, will you be going to one or wait for Netflix?

Subject: Re: Watching TV series, everyday or binge-watch?

Forum: Watching TV series, everyday or binge-watch?
Hey guys,
How many of you are fans of Big Bang theory. A friend of mine got an offer online during Black Friday for first 9 seasons in Bluray and guess what we are going to do now.... Binge watch Sheldon Cooper & co.

Have a happy time bing watching series during holidays as you might not have leisure time after the break ;)


Subject: Re: How do you occupy yourself on long drives?

Forum: How do you occupy yourself on long drives?
Hey Jessica,

Well, maybe watching something or listening to music or reading. In planes I prefer to sleep so that I don't really have to rest too much after landing because of the jet-lag and enjoy more rather than landing and sleeping for more than half a day.

It's also easy for me to kill time in long-drives(when I'm not driving) or in a plane( I would be the luckiest and the happiest if I get a window seat) because I love nature and I love staring: at trees, animals, clouds, sky or anything(not people coz I know that's rude..). I can even stare at a wall for a long time and still not be bored and keep my mind busy.So yeah, that's that.

Thanks for asking.
Have a great day and be merry!


Subject: Watching TV series, everyday or binge-watch?

Forum: Watching TV series, everyday or binge-watch?
Hey guys,

I remember binge-watching most of the series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Sherlock and How I met your Mother. I've also watched some shows like House M.D., Grey's anatomy and Quantico when they aired on TV.

But obviously I LOVE binge-watching! What about you guys? Which shows have you watched continuously without realizing what's happening around you,lol?

Have a great day and be merry coz 'tis the season!'


Subject: Your most heart-touching movies

Forum: Your most heart-touching movies
Hey guys,

I've watched a lot of movies but there are some that are so endearing they will always stay close to my heart. They are 'The Pursuit of Happiness', 'Million dollar baby' and 'The Notebook'.

So, what are some heart touching movies, movies that made you cry?

Have a great day.


Subject: Re: TGIF

Forum: TGIF
Hey Jenelu Rose,

Yes, TGIF! I bet many feel this way. It's just the feeling of getting two whole days off after a stressful week, it's just so relaxing.

There's more time to sleep, read comics, binge watch Netflix, workout and yoga, FaceTime with Family and what not! I love weekends so much but then who doesn't? :)

Thanks for asking. Have a great weekend!