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Subject: Re: Are you on Cnet for scholarships or student loans?

Forum: Are you on Cnet for scholarships or student loans?
I am currently on Collegenet for ensuring that I do not have to take out loans for college by getting scholarships to pay for school and other expenses. There are plenty of loan options, but I am trying to graduate debt-free. Scholarships first go to my school expenses as I need books, a place to live, tuition, food, the correct technology for classes and school-related events. There is also the matter of other expenses such as if my mom has an expense that she cannot pay or if I am in a conference somewhere and I overbudget on my stipend (which has not occurred yet). I try to figure out ways to get as much in scholarships and grants as possible so that I can be prepared for the impending expenses of life. Getting close to grad school, so I have to be prepared for that and the expenses it will generate.

Subject: Re: Have you won a scholarship on CNET?

Forum: Have you won a scholarship on CNET?
My first win on Collegenet occurred about a month after I first joined. I was in the regular candidates list, not the Rookie list when I won my first. During that time, I made it a ritual to post 5 times with a topic being one of my posts each day. I became highly selective when I was voting for various persons. When I voted for someone, I looked at their work to see if that was the kind of work I would want to see awarded on Collegenet for that award cycle. Another thing I did was post my Username as one of my tags so that it could be an easy recording method for anyone who wanted to consider my previous or future posts on Collegenet. I feel that may have had hidden effects on my ability to win as well.

Subject: How Close Are You to the Cap

Forum: How Close Are You to the Cap has a scholarship cap set at $10,000 and I was wondering where any of you might be? Sammy has recently reached the cap so how many more scholarships do you believe you may be able to earn from this site? Do you think the cap should be raised or eliminated entirely?

Subject: Re: How did you hear about CollegeNet?

Forum: How did you hear about CollegeNet?
A scholarship master list I found looking for a scholarship.

Subject: Re: Why do you need this Scholarship?

Forum: Why do you need this Scholarship?
To make sure I do not have to pay a penny back concerning my education expenses and ensure that finances are not on my mind while I am in school.

Subject: Re: Scholarship Bonus For Test Scores?

Forum: Scholarship Bonus For Test Scores?
I agree that there is potential in the usage of higher test scores and adding in scholarship bonuses to improve the quality and value of education, though we have to be cautious when implementing it. I say this because such tests, when treated as a general requirement or incentive, are still subject to the biases that its creators have. The many issues that emerge in such span from cultural influences to the educational background of the creator of the test, leaving plenty of people to fall through the cracks and miss that upper target possibly due to simple technicality. There are many kids in poverty or low-income areas who are simply focused on getting through the day in school as an accomplishment given a difficult family or financial situation. There is also the matter of the limitations of standardized testing to capture the full extent of a student’s abilities as well as the ‘fixing’ of scores to suit the quotas of private companies that administer testing. Some people lack food, water, and other necessities to keep the student in top condition for testing, and you do not have to look far in order to find people who have collapsed into a nap during testing or other persons who have simply walked out due to the concepts on the test overshooting their current abilities or the student not being in a state to take the test. To fully capture the depth of a student’s comprehension and ability, there have to be open-ended questions or activities that place the student in the position to actively utilize the knowledge that they have gained. We cannot simply rely on multiple choice as not everyone can perform their best with multiple choice questions and teachers/professors know this. Obviously, for time reasons, multiple choice answers are far more effective for simply quantitative purposes under a silent assumption by the general public that regurgitation is understanding; not that that regurgitation is memorization.
Though there are some things to sort through, the bigger question that surfaces is whether we should have scholarship bonuses spanning across the whole of academia. Grades, extracurricular activities, simply attending, etc., could be rewarded with scholarship bonuses not to make school free and therefore more appealing, but to provide the resources for students to stay in class instead of seeking a job or taking a break as the looming consequences of debt coupled with the college responsibilities are too much for the day.

Subject: Re: I made it..... almost.

Forum: I made it..... almost.
I was proposed a job where I would be doing phone calls with a $500 salary for each phone call. I was clearly overjoyed and such an opportunity would allow me to be able to quickly payoff the expenses of going to college. Understandably I pursued it to the best of my ability only to find out that there were plenty of hidden fees and a number of choices for advancement. The job soon became shrouded in a delicate infrastructure of legal jargon and possibly any number of unforeseen technicalities. It was not a dream job, though it was an alluring one. In the end, my dedication to scholarships, college preparation, and handling family matters ultimately led to me getting booted from any consideration of the job. I left the matter slightly agitated, but then saw my light at the end of the tunnel. I needed to be able to seek out wealth in my own way if I was going to build my own technology business, I couldn't rely on that over the phone sales training the employer would provide. I needed to clear obstacles on my own two feet, not rely on the footsteps trodden by an easy escape. Yes I could have gotten money from the job but wouldn't have had the scholarship opportunities that i have now.

Subject: Re: Do Student Athletes Deserve Compensation?

Forum: Do Student Athletes Deserve Compensation?
The student-athlete defense to keep from playing those students that play collegiate sports is quite frankly an excuse to exacerbate an issue. Sports on all levels have been corporatized which is fine considering we can make a profit for some people and provide a service, yet at the same time there is the issue of trying to maintain these students who, thanks to the rules of collegiate sports, have no means by which to support themselves. It is like tossing a baby elephant into the Atlantic Ocean 400 miles form the nearest coast, and expecting it to swim onto a beach and prosper in life. The profits are literally being made on hungry, sometimes desperate, and thanks to classes that produce no real skill, uneducated athletes. The athletic career is stacked against them already as there are only a small number that can make it to professional sports, and those that don't either seek the easiest class schedule possible or struggle to gain a degree with the necessary skillset to join the workforce and prosper. What makes it worse is the myth that sports are a shot to the higher socioeconomic levels more so than anything else. This leads to disastrous results as we only see the players that managed to make it to playing, not the numerous others who are injured or incapable of joining for reasons of simply time. It is hard to argue with the fact that it does present its own opportunities, yet at the same time there are so many pitfalls that we have to acknowledge that the system must be reconstructed or else the consistent funneling of athletes will continue to wear down on the population until eventually the sports opportunity is truly seen as a nightmare, a nightmare no one desires to join.

Subject: What Do You Think of the $10,0000 Limit

Forum: What Do You Think of the $10,0000 Limit
Collegenet has regulated our scholarship winnings through a $10,000 limit. I know other have brought it up in discussing Collegenet's history, but I have not yet seen a forum discussing the $10,000 limit on its own merits and the Collegenet community's sentiments about it. I personally believe that there should be no limit as different people need different amounts of financial resources for their education and the limit can impede the chances of gaining those resources.

What do you think about the $10,000 limit? Is it impeding Collegenet's potential or expanding the overall distribution of the scholarships?

Subject: Re: CNET's Secrets

Forum: CNET's Secrets
I have to admit, that the site does seem a bit systematic. An algorithm by the way is a mathematical program or calculation used to achieve an output or solution, usually for something specific like calculating 2,809,345 to the six thousandth power or at least that is my current understanding of it.

I have to wonder if is overseen by the site's owners to add input into who is getting more weight to votes or posts. Also, the algorithm must be complex if it can determine the depth of thought that is in a post. Yes, it is quite the mystery. One thing I do not get is how there is such a winning disparity in the Hall of Fame as the top earner has garnered over 50,000 dollars. Then the site said there was a limit of 10,000 dollars yet that one guy had garnered far more and is making me question what is going on with that restriction. Is it to give others a fair chance yet we cannot attain those levels of earnings if that is true.

I read the site receives revenue from ads, but that was all they were willing to share besides this posting function being just one function of the site as a whole. I am still trying to win some scholarships so that I can take the burden off of college and I reached this site. It was quite amazing though I am still curious as to who is actually winning as popularity patterns similar to what Youtube has for its high profile users seems to apply here. There are so many questions that are left unanswered but I have contacted the site in hopes of getting some. I would recommend that we keep searching for sites similar to this one and other sites that are less publicized to increase our scholarship chances and build up a financial arsenal.

I would suggest that popularity should be the smallest factor in determining who to vote for yet without popularity no one would get noticed as there would be a barrage of forums or a lack of forums in which a bunch of people are convening. We should keep this forum alive so that there can be answers everyone can see.