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Subject: Re: When it comes to harassment, what is your role?

Forum: When it comes to harassment, what is your role?
Sexual harassment has been a disease of society with the allegations that are being made now arguably society’s attempt at confronting an issue that has existed since the beginning of society and quite possibly further back than that. This revolt against the oppression of those victimized to be an opportunity for society to perform a complete reevaluation of the various institutions, systems, and cultural values that can promote or permit such incidents. This series of accounts against perpetrators could also spur a resurgence in the structures that are responsible for the harassment incidents to begin with. I hope that the result is a reformed society that can better confront sexual harassment along with other controversial topics.
The conflict that emerges with the context of arguments against society’s vices regarding harassment and similar offenses is the sense that there is a “a proper time and place.” That notion was contorted to provide a haven for the perpetrators rather than a place of equal standing where victims could face their accusers on fair terms. Court and interview processes have been known to further traumatize the victims. Entire communities have acted to hide incidents or terrorize victims for attempting to seek justice or warn others. Inputting the conversation where it does not belong is one way of ensuring that the topic gets addressed, especially if the proper context does not provide a domain to effectively address the issues.
Bystanders have their role in preventing or permitting these offenses if they are in the capacity to intervene. If someone is losing consciousness, suffers from a serious ailment, dying, etc., intervention would be limited if not improbable. If one is able and in the proximity to act to alter a situation, then such action should be taken. It speaks tones when those who act heroically speak that such actions should be regarded as the responsibility of one human being to another, not merely the result of some difference of thinking of a rare selection of human beings. Understandably, not everyone can fight off an attacker, or climb great heights to save a person’s life, or be effective at talking to others within a crisis. We all have our individual capabilities. That does not mean that we cannot act in some other capacity than that which would be immediately suggested.

Subject: Re: Successful Forums?

Forum: Successful Forums?
I think that the forums work closely to how other social media works, though I compare it closely to YouTube as I am more familiar with YouTube. The people who spark your interest are likely the people that you vote for while the forums that spark your interest you view and sometimes post on (though sometimes you have already ran out of posts). These two functions resemble the subscribing and comment functions of YouTube. The videos that are posted to this site only increase the similarities between the two for me.

Timing does factor into the success of a forum though timing is not the determining factor for a successful forum. Sure a forum on whether Bush or Gore will win the election of 2000 seems out of date at this point, but depending on how people interpret it, it may find unparalleled success. The reason for this is that if enough people or certain individuals happen to hang around the forum, others will naturally be guided to that forum both by the site itself and its users. With that being said, you can either aim for popularity first or catch the eye of a few of the site's users who then bring in their companions and associates by social connections.

There is also the human variable in that we cannot always predict nor control what occurs as we are not perfect nor are we often in control of ourselves. xx.Ashley.xx, you may post a forum one day on how life is like a plate and suddenly one-fourth of Collegenet is drawn to it as somehow your audience just connects with that simile in that moment. One of the older posts you have may become popular, who knows. One thing we do know is that there are plenty of people on this site for virtually anything to get a comment, which is a good thing as there is nothing everyone could agree does not need to be discussed.

Some might say that a controversial topic or a relatable one is the way, but if there were a second version of that same forum, it could disrupt both potential comments and votes. My best advice is be inventive, creative, and post what you want to post. The more you post what connects with you and your interests, the more people learn about you and in turn support and communicate with you.