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Subject: Re: Have you ever taken a leap of faith?

Forum: Have you ever taken a leap of faith?
Leap of faith. I do not believe I have done anything that amounts to a leap of faith. At least nothing that I can measure to me relying on forces completely outside my ability to influence. Anything I consider a leap of faith I can point out some factors that that I had some ability to manipulate. More than likely I will have a leap of faith decision coming soon, how soon I cannot be sure of. All I can do is prepare so that I can land on my feet rather than perhaps my head when I do take that leap of faith.

Subject: Re: Are you on Cnet for scholarships or student loans?

Forum: Are you on Cnet for scholarships or student loans?
I am currently on Collegenet for ensuring that I do not have to take out loans for college by getting scholarships to pay for school and other expenses. There are plenty of loan options, but I am trying to graduate debt-free. Scholarships first go to my school expenses as I need books, a place to live, tuition, food, the correct technology for classes and school-related events. There is also the matter of other expenses such as if my mom has an expense that she cannot pay or if I am in a conference somewhere and I overbudget on my stipend (which has not occurred yet). I try to figure out ways to get as much in scholarships and grants as possible so that I can be prepared for the impending expenses of life. Getting close to grad school, so I have to be prepared for that and the expenses it will generate.

Subject: Re: Do Secret Settlements Enable Sexual Predators?

Forum: Do Secret Settlements Enable Sexual Predators?
Non-Disclosure/confidentiality Agreements are another method of the legal system to come to a resolution over proposed issues. The judicial system was made with kinks in the system and was revised over time to include loopholes that allowed for exceptions for those with the knowledge to exploit them or access to the people who could. There is also a paradigm of thought that persists to defend people in positions of influence or power. The result is that many persons who are in power or wield large amounts of influence can have options open to them that other individuals cannot manage. Understandably, when those individuals or their loved ones are brought to the attention of the law, power can make the issues at hand less significant or their consequences completely nullified. Whether Non-Disclosure/confidentiality Agreements are allowing the persistence of unethical behavior such as sexual harassment is only a portion of the of the complexities that make room for corruption in the judicial system. The matter then becomes how to remove it and prevent future contortions of the institutions that are to prevent corruption.

Subject: Fire and Fury (The Book on Trump)

Forum: Fire and Fury (The Book on Trump)
Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is work of nonfiction that details the experiences of Michael Wolff inside the Trump White House. It is not a perfect book, but it has caught headlines of newspapers similar to so many other events within the Trump landscape. The book will easily be regarded as some as evidence of the failures of the current administration. Others will conclude that the Trump administration is being slandered by Michael Wolff’s book. To all members of Collegenet, what do you think of this book? Should we take a form of action censorship or attempt endorse the book? Explain.

Subject: Re: What are you looking forward to?

Forum: What are you looking forward to?
This year, I look forward to my first semester of being a Junior in college. I look forward to employing the wisdom that I have attained over the past few years, and working more in depth with science gateways. I am getting close to graduation, which means that I must continue to amass the skills that are necessary to put me at the forefront of the computer science field. I cannot simply sit on my tail and hope that the lessons that I need will magically soar into my life. I must seek them out. There are parts of the break that I had from school I would want to revise. There are also parts of that same break that I find to be a success on multiple levels. As time passes, I see myself developing my own life that becomes more independent from that of my family. Some of my family members are still getting used to the prospect of me attaining my own personal schedule and routine. Somewhat hilarious that those same family members attempt to get me to travel away from school only to find that I am out of the state for a conference. In a way, it is enlightening to know that I am coming into my own. In another way,the experience is exhilarating.

Subject: The Time of Your Passing

Forum: The Time of Your Passing
If you learned the exact time that you died, what would you do? Would your life shift completely? Would it be terrifying or relieving? What impact would it have on how you live your life after you learned of your time of death? Would you attempt to change your death?

Subject: Re: what do you do during finals week

Forum: what do you do during finals week
When it comes to my finals, plenty of aspects of my social life take a rest for the period immediately before and after finals. I begin to eat more of my meals in my room where my notes and textbooks are easily accessible. I begin a routine of going out focused on academics and professional matters, going to a party not acceptable in my mindset at the time. My environment is rearranged to promote me studying or working for extended periods of time, which will sometimes mean closing off my bed if I feel I am becoming too comfortable taking unneeded naps. My TV is turned into a second screen that utilizes either videos or music to keep me focused on music or energized for doing work. On select assignments, the TV will also become a second screen by which I may do my work. My refrigerator quickly depletes of food as I start to prioritize staying in my room if I am not using the computers in the math department. My contacts are swiftly limited to those I have prior appointments with or those who are relevant in assisting me completing my work.

Subject: Re: Are you usually early or late?

Forum: Are you usually early or late?
I am as some might put, annoyingly early most of the time. Most of the times I was late last semester was when I was traveling with other persons. One time I was late was due to me being sleep deprived and nodding off before I was to meet up with my group regarding an event. I was instructed that it is better to show up early for events as late in American culture is viewed as disrespectful to others that are attending or hosting. As a result, being early basically blended into a multitude of aspects of my life. This has become a light joke for some of my family members who see that there are certain exceptions to being late that I would acknowledge immediately.

Subject: Re: Does Age Matter In A Relationship?

Forum: Does Age Matter In A Relationship?
Age is just a number is a phrase that is joked upon by some people I know due to their experiences or the experiences of the people around them. I have heard of relationships were a 16-year-old will be dating someone who is 18 or 19. Furthermore, when guys manage to get a girl older than them, especially at a younger age, it is observed as being commendable. A 16-year-old male dating a 24-year-old female raises red flags, but can be observed amongst male peers as a ‘win’ or ‘score.’ Age I have observed is affected by gender, the cultures, the individuals, the law, peers, and the availability of a partner. When people mention age gaps, my first thought is whether the character of the individuals involved are being considered. It is one thing for a crush to be dismissed but if two people deeply intimate, their social group saying no can have little to no effect.

Subject: Re: Do you play video games???

Forum: Do you play video games???
I personally play my PlayStation 3 almost exclusively in recent times. The reason for this being the fact that the PlayStation 3 is where most of internet dependent gameplay occurs and the setup is simple. My PlayStation 3 in turn has become my entertainment station with Netflix and video games being only a few clicks away from one another. Another reason that I rely on my PlayStation 3 is due to the durability of the discs to survive longer periods than that of my PlayStation 2. The games also carry far more features because of the PlayStation 3 having more capabilities than that of the PlayStation 2. To play Skyrim on a PlayStation 2 would feel uncomfortable, playing Skyrim on a PlayStation 3 is adequate.