Hey, Everyone!

My first day of this semester is today so I'm thinking about how my schedule will go! It made me wonder: do you prefer morning, afternoon, or night classes?

I personally prefer morning/midday classes. If it gets too late in the day, I run out of energy and my brain doesn't want to work haha. Afternoon classes will put me to sleep! It's really hard to get through them. I haven't had any night classes, but this semester I have one from 7pm to 9pm. I imagine it won't be fun for me because that's the time that my brain turns off. However, the rest of my classes are in the morning and get out by 2pm. I think that's ideal. Although it may be hard to get up for my 8am class, it's still better for me because I know my brain will be on!

What about you? Do you prefer morning, afternoon, or night classes? Why? What's your schedule like this semester?

Have a wonderful day!