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Subject: THE QUEEN BEY!!

Seeing as how HBO was free this weekend, did anybody get to see Beyoncé's premier of Lemonade?! It was pretty interesting.. kind of 2007 Brittney Spears-ish for me.. There are some songs that I love already... others may have to grow on me.. and a few, I probably won't eve like!

What I can, undoubtedly, say about Beyoncé is that I LOVE what she stands for. Her motive is always to empower women to fight for equality and be recognized and respected in a society like that likes to downplay our importance. After all, it's a man's world!!

She is also speaking out about some of the other injustices and inequalities in society that other artists dare not touch! She's a BEAST and her ambition is NOT to be denied. For that, she will always have my unending respect.

Lastly, the "Beyhive" is crazy!! Her fans go sooo hard for her, so she's definitely making an impact.

What were your thoughts?

Subject: Re: Losig our heroes...

Forum: Losig our heroes...
It's hard to know what anybody is going through, but we have to remember they are human FIRST... and making people laugh is their job... if you're not good at it, you're not paid as much... and like any other job, most of us just put on a happy face to get through the day because we have kids to feed and bills to pay... life is stressful!! I'd hate to push suicide off on any particular group of people, but I can imagine how being in the spotlight and not being able to do "normal" things can intensify the stress for famous people... everyone is talking about you, good or bad, true or false... the cameras, the people, the stalkers... Their lives are hard in a very different way... put out there for all to judge...

Either way, may they all rest in peace!!


The topic is comfort foods...

What is your favorite comfort food and how often do you eat it?

I love soul food and I eat it every chance I get! Which isn't often bc I love 5 hours away from my family... so two or three times a year...

When I'm in my city, my favorite food is actually salad... it's not exactly unhealthy but has no nutritional value...

I'm also a snacker.. I love pastries and snack cakes!

What about you?!


My little brother attends a college that is very unique in order! Two things that I'm not used to are:

-Co-ed dorm rooms... Now, we've all heard of that but, starting at the sophomore level, you are allowed to roommate with a student of the opposite gender! Not just same sex in one building (staggering the floors by gender), not even same sex on one floor (but same sex roommate)!! I thought that was insane!!

-He takes one class at a time. They each last three weeks and he has his credits! He goes to the class from 9-11 and then 1-3 everyday. Of course, some of the easier classes won't need to meet as often, but literally everybody on campus is in classes at the same times! I can definitely see the pros and cons of this, but I'd like to know your thoughts...

What do you think of this setup?? And do you think you could be successful in such an environment?