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Subject: What Scares Me

Forum: What Scares Me
Hi gang,
So in honor of the month that's set aside to give us chills and frights, I'd like to do a forum regarding fears.

What scares you?

Give me 3 things that scare you. They can be real or imagined.


Subject: What Surprises You About Life?

Forum: What Surprises You About Life?
Hi gang,
So with all of the various issues that are going on around the world that make headlines these days, are they surprising?

What surprises you about life these days?

Is there anything in particular?

Has everything become no big deal, or are there still things that make you pause and take stock of your perception of reality?

Whatcha think?

Or, going the other way...are there any pleasant things that surprise you about life? Things that went in your favor when you weren't expecting them? Anything really cool happen? Do tell.