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Subject: I Love and Hate My...

Forum: I Love and Hate My...
OK gang,
You've got a choice...answer the following questions about yourself, or about your significant other (SO).

I love, that I...

I hate, that I...


I love that my SO...

I hate that my SO...


Subject: Who Chooses?

Forum: Who Chooses?
Hi gang,
So...here's what I'm wondering about:

When it's time to decide something, as part of your family, or your relationship...who's calling the shots?

Is your vote one of many and then you follow the results?

Are you the one who makes the decisions and others follow them?

Do you let others make the decisions and do you follow?

How does it all work for you?


Subject: Neat Freak or Messy Marvin?

Forum: Neat Freak or Messy Marvin?
Howdy folks,
OK, the coffee is starting to kick in and I'm wondering about how clean you typically keep things.

I'm assuming none of us allow things to get to the point where the dept. of sanitation needs to be called in, however I've noticed that even while clean, people tend to either keep things uber organized and neat, or in general piles of chaos.

So...are you more into the very neat, and organized side of things?

Or are piles of stuff cool with you?

Gimme piles of chaos, any day.


Subject: Name The 3 Most Serious Topics

Forum: Name The 3 Most Serious Topics
Hi gang,
So lately I've had fun answering forums that have serious topics. The challenged me to think about what I believe, why I believe it and how I can best express my perspective. It was mentally challenging and I enjoyed it.

This is what I'd like to see you do:

Tell me what the 3 most serious topics you can think of are, and why.

They can be anything at all. I just want to know what they are and why you find them serious.


Subject: What Do You Love & Hate About Yourself?

Forum: What Do You Love & Hate About Yourself?
Hi folks,
This one is simple...share one thing you love about yourself along with one thing you hate about yourself.

Big things or trivial things...doesn't matter. Just one of each, please.


Subject: Keep It To Yourself

Forum: Keep It To Yourself
Hi gang,
Seems this is my 1,000 post (whoop whoop).

So here's my question:

What do you usually keep to yourself, but is an important part of you?

It can be anything from your spiritual perspective or how you lean politically, to your views on gay marriage, the drinking age, or tattoos.

It doesn't matter...it just needs to be something that you usually don't talk too much about.

Mine would be my political views. I'm a left-leaning liberal, living in a red state and even my friends from the mostly democratic east coast, have a huge number of Trump supporters among them, so...to avoid screaming matches on a daily basis...I let it go most of the time.

What about you?

Subject: What Makes You Feel Safe?

Forum: What Makes You Feel Safe?
Hello everyone,

Do you feel safe? If so, what is the reason(s)?

Do strong walls and a steel door make you feel safe?

Do 10 guns and an attack dog make you feel safe?

Does knowing you can call 911 make you feel safe?

What is safe...by your definition and what does it take to make you feel that way?

Hopefully this question will make you think a bit about your day to day life and your perspective on it. Enjoy!


Subject: What is a True Friend?

Forum: What is a True Friend?
Hi gang,
So...we all have friends. Some people prefer small groups while others enjoy having massive groups of people to spend time with. How do you see your friends?

What is your definition of a true friend?

What makes them a friend?


Subject: Are you an outlier?

Forum: Are you an outlier?
Hi gang,
Do you consider yourself outside the norm? Are you an outlier?

An outlier, by definition being, "a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set."

Yes...we are all unique. Yes, we are all snowflakes and special. But within each group or batch or system, there are those which most people would consider part of the norm...and there are those who aren't.

There are always the odd ones...or the geeks, or freaks, or whatever you wish to be called, or termed.

So...from your own perspective...are you part of the group or an outlier and why?

Subject: 1 Truth

Forum: 1 Truth
Hi gang,
How's it going? I hope you're all enjoying your weekend, or making the best of it, at any rate.

So my question for you today is, what is 1 truth that you feel certain about, regarding life in general?

The truth can be personal, in how you see the world, or people, or your way of going about life.

The truth can be whimsical or philosophical, or based purely on observation and science.

What is 1 truth you would like to tell everyone about, that you feel matters a great deal.