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Subject: 2 Questions

Forum: 2 Questions
Hi gang,
Please pick one of the following questions to answer:

1) Mango or Strawberries and why?

2) Do you Believe In A Higher Power and why, or why not?



Subject: The Last Job You'd Ever Want

Forum: The Last Job You'd Ever Want
Hi gang,
So here's something to think about...

What job would you absolutely not want?

We each have preferences, according to our interests and personality, right?

So...some will not want responsibility, others won't want to deal with the public, etc.

What Job Would You Not Want In A Million Years?

And why?


Subject: Borrowing From The Opposite Sex

Forum: Borrowing From The Opposite Sex
Hi gang,
I hope you're all doing well as this weekend starts up.

Here's what I'm wondering:

Have you ever borrowed something from the opposite sex? It can be anything, from a hair-tie to a pair of jeans or a top, to something typically associated with the opposite sex, such as spitting, or blowing snot out of your nose by force, without using a hankie?

Do you think it's more OK for women to borrow from men, rather than vice versa?

Ever have to borrow something in an emergency? I remember being about 5 years old and the laundry didn't get done, so my mom tosses me a pair of women's panties and says put them on.

This is the downside to growing up in a single parent household.

So...whatcha got?


Subject: Best idea for a fantastic pet

Forum: Best idea for a fantastic pet
Hi there folks,
So...if you were able to have any type of animal as a pet, which would you choose?

I don't mean that you should consider having a tiger for a pet and then cage it and let it out only to eat dinner. That's just cruel. I mean, if you could find a magic ray gun that makes you the ideal "master" or "human" for any species of animal...which would you choose and why?

Please note...no animals were harmed in the making of this forum.


Subject: Banana or Mango?

Forum: Banana or Mango?
Hi gang,
So...you're at the supermarket and you know that you need fruit. Both bananas and mangos are looking good...but you can't take both due to budget. Which do you take with you?

Subject: Favorite Summer Caffeine Sources

Forum: Favorite Summer Caffeine Sources
Hi gang,
So...with few exceptions...it's HOT out there. And most of us still have reasons to need to stay awake. So...what are you using to get your daily dose of caffeine?

Are you an avid soda drinker? Do you prefer Iced Mocha Lattes? Are you a die-hard hot coffee drinker? Is Iced Tea the way to go? What do you do, when you need your drink and it's 90 degrees outside?


Subject: What's for lunch?

Forum: What's for lunch?
OK people...it's summer and in most places...it's hot.

Temperature and season affect what we eat, so I'm curious what you typically reach out for, at lunchtime, during this time of year.

For me...there's a local sandwich shop named Eeegees which make these frozen, fruit drinks that go great with a cold cut sandwich. Maybe a club sandwich with an orange dream drink.

Or maybe a Sonoran hot dog with an Horchata (rice milk w/cinnamon).

What about you? What's your favorite summer-time lunch?

Subject: When you leave...how do you go?

Forum: When you leave...how do you go?
Hi gang,
So, for me, today was the last day of my volunteering at a local hospital in Tucson and it got me thinking about how people have preferences regarding how they say goodbye.

Some people enjoy having a send-off party, as a coworker of my wife recently had. Whereas I typically prefer to just shake a few hands, maybe give a few hugs and walk away, without any party or fanfare.

What about you? When it was time for you to leave something...school, work, friendships, relationships, etc. how do you prefer to do it?

Subject: Does the summer matter?

Forum: Does the summer matter?
Hi gang,
For some people, the season matters to them for a number of reasons. Maybe it's part of their job cycle. They work in the summer to pay for school the rest of the year.

Or maybe they're going off to summer camp, or to study abroad or to go be a beach bum somewhere for a few months to forget the stress of school.

Or is it just another season that doesn't matter much to you because you'll be in an office somewhere? Or studying? Or just living life, indoors because that's the kind of person you are?


Subject: Socks

Forum: Socks
Hi gang,
So I'm curious what your thoughts are on socks. Long ones, short ones...ankle socks, cotton...dress, or no socks. What do you prefer?

I'm in the desert...so the less the better for my taste. Ankle socks when I'm relaxing. For working in the hospital...compression socks.

What about you?