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Subject: What Scares Me

Forum: What Scares Me
Hi gang,
So in honor of the month that's set aside to give us chills and frights, I'd like to do a forum regarding fears.

What scares you?

Give me 3 things that scare you. They can be real or imagined.


Subject: What Scares You?

Forum: What Scares You?
Hi gang,
I'm gearing up for another weekend of night shifts, but before they start, I wanted to leave you with this to think about.

We've all got things that scare us. They can be spiders, or the fear of drowning, or any number of things. So...what scares you?

The focus of your fear can be anything, from scary movies, to critters that go bump in the night, to not having enough money to retire.

So what makes you nervous and jittery and creeped out? Do tell.


Subject: Your Biggest Fear Or Joy

Forum: Your Biggest Fear Or Joy
We all have fears and joys that have a huge impact on our lives.

What's yours? Fear or Joy or both...share as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

For me, my biggest fear is dying and my greatest joy currently is having time to relax and play Xbox One because it allows me to forget all the stresses I have and just do something mindless for a few hours.

Subject: Dealing With Opposition

Forum: Dealing With Opposition
"Only as we rise...do we encounter opposition." - Frederick Douglas, American writer and activist

If what Mr. Douglas said is true, then there will be times in each of our lives when we encounter opposition. How prepared are you to deal with it?

Disagreeing with someone online or in a forum is easy. There's no concern about face-to-face confrontation. There's no fear of physically being beaten or humiliated in front of peers.

Everyone who reads this, will at some point have the opportunity to stand up for themselves, if they choose to do so. Will you? Why?

Subject: Why Does Science Scare People?

Forum: Why Does Science Scare People?
Science, as a whole, appears to frighten a great many people...why?

Stem cell research, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), chemicals, plastics, medicine, health care, genetics...they're all buzz words which seem to do a great job of scaring people, at least when the media uses them.

So why does science have the reputation that it currently does?

And have you noticed it changing or has it remained the same?