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Subject: I Love and Hate My...

Forum: I Love and Hate My...
OK gang,
You've got a choice...answer the following questions about yourself, or about your significant other (SO).

I love, that I...

I hate, that I...


I love that my SO...

I hate that my SO...


Subject: Favorite Musical Instrument

Forum: Favorite Musical Instrument
Hi gang,
So...this one is easy and straight forward.

What's your favorite musical instrument?

If you could master one instrument...which would it be?

Or, if you didn't want to play it yourself, but simply love its sound...what instrument is it?


Subject: Spending Time With Parents

Forum: Spending Time With Parents
Hi gang,
I'm heading out the door to catch a flight to go visit my parents for a week. This got me thinking about the whole concept of visiting your folks and if it's something you look forward to, or if it's more of a chore that you accomplish because of a sense of obligation.

So...how do you feel about seeing the folks? Love to visit? Do it because you know you're supposed to? Don't do it because of x, y, and z? What's your opinion on visiting the folks?


Subject: What Do You Love & Hate About Yourself?

Forum: What Do You Love & Hate About Yourself?
Hi folks,
This one is simple...share one thing you love about yourself along with one thing you hate about yourself.

Big things or trivial things...doesn't matter. Just one of each, please.


Subject: How often do you see family?

Forum: How often do you see family?
Hi gang,
So how frequently do you see family?

Do you live with them, so it's a daily thing?

Did you move away and now it's only on holidays and breaks?

Are you enjoying how much you get to see / spend time with them?

If you could change the amount of time you spend with family, would you?

Subject: If you could only take 3 things with you...

Forum: If you could only take 3 things with you...
OK gang...
The world is ending...time to leave. You've got only 3 things you can take with you. What are they?

Here's the catch...you can't take anything that is bigger than a human being. Yup...you can take your wife/hubby, or kid(s). But you can't take your car...or house, or neighborhood with you.

So...what's your top 3? :)


Subject: Who do you miss?

Forum: Who do you miss?
Hi gang,
How's it going? So this forum is fairly straight forward. Who do you miss? It can be anyone...real or imagined.

What do you miss about them and who are they to you? Is it a favorite character from a series of novels? Your best friend from high school? Your hubby or wife? Your children or parents? Your siblings? The main character from your favorite show on TV?

Who you missing and why? :)

Subject: When is sex OK?

Forum: When is sex OK?
Hi gang,
Thanks for Nursemarie for inspiring this topic, with her forum on Sex and Love.

So…when is sex OK?

What factors go into making it acceptable for you?

I’m talking everything from age to gender to the number of partners.

Does marriage enter into the picture, or is that a completely separate issue?

What about age differences?

So, when is sex OK, and when is it not?

Subject: Re: I LOVE YOU

What's the purpose of saying, "I love you?"

The phase has serious connotations and speaks volumes about the relationship you're in. The impression this forum question gives me is that the expectations of a woman weren't met by her lover and she's disappointed that this phrase wasn't said back to her. Been there, done that. Sucks!

Seriously...why are you saying, “I love you?” And to who? Is it a family member you just received a birthday present from? Is it your current lover, after they've bought you the weekend getaway you've been wanting? Are you trying to coerce someone into mowing the front lawn, or to take out the garbage? Or are you hoping your special someone says it back to you, so you can be reassured that you're both on the same page?

What are your motivations and expectations? And, how liberally do you toss the phrase around? I remember a younger coworker I had given some cookies to, saying “oh my God, I love you!” to me, because she was looking for a sugar fix. Personally, I would never say that to a coworker, but I understand that’s just who she is.
The first time I said, "I love you," to my wife was after having spent less than a week in her physical presence. We originally met online, exchanged emails, phone calls and then met in person a few months later. My wife is from central Asia, part of the former Soviet Union. So, I flew 17,000 miles for a first date. Given the circumstances, saying, “I love you,” felt right after having spent less than a week, face-to-face. There was background to our relationship to help support the statement. I also think that age had something to do with it. I wasn’t a big kid, who had just fallen head over heels and wasn’t crushing on her hardcore.

Most of us will have our expectations disappointed at some point, when it comes to romance or love. We’ll all want someone more than they want us and it’ll teach us a valuable lesson: don’t give your heart away too easily. Be open to love, but also look for proof it’s in the air. Just because you’re feeling it, doesn’t mean that they are.

Subject: Re: Purpose of a college education??

Forum: Purpose of a college education??
The purpose of my education is twofold. Primarily, my BSN should give me the tools to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and the hands-on experience to know how to do the basic job requirements of an RN in an acute care facility. This isn't the sum total of what I'll gain though.

In addition to the piece of paper, I'll have gained the experience of being immersed in the world of nursing while also being safeguarded against harming patients.

I’ll be given the chance to learn from my instructors, the new technology in the field, my classmates and mostly, from my patients. I’ll also have the chance to think critically about what I value, believe and hold dear to me, ethically, morally, emotionally, etc.

Also, through taking the prerequisites, I’ll have learned the value of evidence based science. I’ll have created my own hypothesis, tested them, shared the results and listened to my peers as they reviewed my findings and peppered me with questions.

Ultimately, education is a means to an end, however that doesn’t mean it’s only a means to an end. The fringe benefits, sometimes only seen years later, are at times, priceless.