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Subject: How Much Is Too Much?

Forum: How Much Is Too Much?
Hi gang,
So here's a question for you...regarding partying and having a good time.

How much partying is too much? When do you say, "when?"

Now most of us will admit to going overboard here and there. I'm not talking about the times you wake up the next day, saying "never again."

I'm talking about the regular times out, partying and having a good time and knowing when you've had enough. It could be for that moment, or for the whole night. How do you decide when to stop partying and chill?


Subject: 2 Truths & 1 Lie...reprised

Forum: 2 Truths & 1 Lie...reprised
Hi gang,
I thought this might be a bit of fun to do again. I'm sorry I don't remember who originally brought this to the forums on CNET. If it was you, please let me know. I like to give credit where it's due.

So...I'm going to start and tell you 2 Truths and 1 Lie. Next, the first person to respond in the forum will comment on which of my statements they believe to be the lie and then post 2 truths and a lie of their own for the next person to respond to. The next person will respond to the person who posted above them, etc.

Here we go:

1) I have over 1,000 movies in my collection.

2) I once kissed a drag queen at a New Year's Eve party.

3) I used to be addicted to crystal meth.


Subject: Your First Pet

Forum: Your First Pet
Hi gang,
So my cat, Boris was bugging me a moment ago and it occurred to me how much different he is than Pepper, my first dog. Pepper was a Dachshund who was stubborn, vocal and fast as hell when you threw him a tennis ball.

Boris is chill...only vocal when he is upset about dinner being late and generally...a sneaky little bastard who enjoys a daily cuddle and is then off to sneak up on the local dust bunnies or intimidate a few insects before his nap.

What about you? What's your first pet like? Are they still around? Do tell.


Subject: What Makes a Great Party?

Forum: What Makes a Great Party?
Hi gang,
So tell me about your ideal party.

What would make the perfect party for you?

How many people do you invite?

Is there a theme?


How long would it last?

Where would it be hosted?

Subject: Can You Make Fun of Your Own Faith?

Forum: Can You Make Fun of Your Own Faith?
Hi gang,
Here's something that just popped into my head.

We all know that you cannot or should not, EVER make fun of someone else's family. You're not part of the family, therefore you do not get the right to make fun of them. That's how it goes.

I'm assuming the same applies for religion. I'm not Jewish, therefore I cannot make fun of their beliefs and expect them to take it in good fun. However...a Jewish person can get away with it, because they are part of that family.

The same applies to any other faith, right?

So...what's your faith and what do you find funny about it?

As for me...I'm an atheist. Which...isn't too smart for a number of reasons:

1) Can't claim any religious holidays off school/work.

2) We go nowhere when we die, (unless you carry us there).

3) Most religions have a green light to kill atheists.

4) Trying to get elected to public office is near impossible.

5) No discounts at local shops for a lack of faith.

Subject: If you were a donut, what flavor would you be?

Forum: If you were a donut, what flavor would you be?
OK gang,
Here's a fun topic.

Imagine yourself as a donut.

What flavor would you be?

Think about it deeply, or just blurt something out. Do as much work or as little...as you desire. Have fun with it.



Subject: Feeling Adventurous?

Forum: Feeling Adventurous?
Hi gang,
Here's a question for you...when you're feeling adventurous, what's happening in your life to motivate your interest in adventure?

Here's an example of what I mean: when I'm in school full-time and have little time for relaxing, I usually don't try new things. I don't feel adventurous. When I only have a moment to catch my breath, I reach out for things I am familiar with. Authors I know, music I know, video games I've played before, etc. I want something I'm familiar with to sooth me. The last thing I want is something new, because I never know if I'm going to like it and in turn, feel as if I've wasted the few moments of downtime I have.

I only reach out for new or different things if I have time and energy to expend. What about you? What's it take for you to feel adventurous?

Subject: Favorite solitary activity

Forum: Favorite solitary activity
Hi gang,
So with the end of the semester and my wife working full time, I've found that I have more time to myself to relax. And I'm beginning to get bored. So, I'm hoping for some suggestions from you.

What do you do, when you're by yourself, to keep yourself entertained?

What hobbies or activities do you enjoy when you've got time to kill on your own?

Help me stay sane. :)


Subject: In my spare time...

Forum: In my spare time...
Hi gang,
Here's a relatively easy forum, designed to enhance your weekend.

In my spare time...I like to???

Subject: What to bring to a party?

Forum: What to bring to a party?
Hi gang,
So I've got an end of the semester party to attend to tomorrow and it got me thinking, what do you bring to a party?

Yeah, yeah yea...you bring what they tell you to bring, I get that. I mean, when you go...do you typically go to the store and grab chips & dip or do you get crazy and bust out some home made stuff?

Whatcha thinkin?