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Subject: Im Back!

Forum: Im Back!

Hey CNet! I know that it has been a while but I am back!
While I was gone I got a full time job and I went to school full time as well. Now that it is time for me to transfer to a 4 year college I believe that I have all of my ducks in a row so to speak. So yes, I will be posting how I use to way back when. I can't wait to get started!

Subject: Re: Does your name fit you?!

Forum: Does your name fit you?!
I believe that my name fits me.

I am Trinidadian and Japanese. I was born here in the States though so I fall under Black/African American :) Because this isn't a very common combination in the states I think that adds to my name fitting me.

I am a very social person, however I am not quick to calling people my "friends", because of that people consider me different, which is fine because it is different, so be very social with a friend circle that is little to none. I prefer it however.

Also I am a very Unique person. I am an art major and I poor my heart and spare time into it. I create work that strikes questions without the viewer realizing it. And I like to address the elephant in the room. All things that are unique to me, and my name.

I am Omanah "Sakoiyah".