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Subject: Re: How Close Are You to the Cap

Forum: How Close Are You to the Cap
When I first started CNET the cap was pretty new. Regardless, though raising the cap would be nice for those still looking for ways to pay for school... $10,000 is still an amazing amount. Share the wealth :)

Subject: Re: What Is Your Favorite Candy?

Forum: What Is Your Favorite Candy?
Hi, Eddie!

My favorite candy would have to be the purple bag of skittles. Yes, that exact one. I love how well the flavors blend when meshed together. That and the fact that the cherry skittle is my favorite one.

Subject: Im Back!

Forum: Im Back!

Hey CNet! I know that it has been a while but I am back!
While I was gone I got a full time job and I went to school full time as well. Now that it is time for me to transfer to a 4 year college I believe that I have all of my ducks in a row so to speak. So yes, I will be posting how I use to way back when. I can't wait to get started!

Subject: Re: Should College Presidents Earn Millions?

Forum: Should College Presidents Earn Millions?
In my above post my opening statement is incorrect, I meant to say
"CEO's are not being OVERPAID,..."

Subject: Re: Should College Presidents Earn Millions?

Forum: Should College Presidents Earn Millions?
CEO's are not being underpaid, it is the average employees that are not being paid enough.

Throughout the world and even in homes there is a chain of command. This chain provides everyone with a duty and an individual (group) to report to. In the school system (as I know it to be) the chain goes student, teacher assistant, teacher, department head, guidance counselor, Assistant Principal, Vice Principal and Principal. Businesses have their own respective chains, that vary with each establishment. The pay for each position, fall accordingly, the person managing the entire company is expected to make more than the person watching just a small section. The problem with this is when the gap between the pay scales become more and more distant.

It is not unheard of for a CEO of a fortune 500 company to make over a million dollars annual salary. Just as it is not unheard of for a crew member to make an hourly minimum wage. They are getting paid to do their jobs. The problem come in when the company is doing well so they decide to up the pay of the CEO and those around him and neglect those who are actually in the shops and markets making the goods that go out to the consumer. Politics play a role as well, why raise the pay for an hourly position that is held in a right to work state? In Florida as well as Georgia, a person can get fired for little to no reason, for that- why should the pay for that position be raised if the position itself is left riding on wither or not the manger is in a good mood that day?

In the case where a company is failing and the CEO is making more than the business is bringing in, why is that person still holding that position? Office Politics, there could be a contract stating no matter what happens that person will still get paid X amount.

CEO's in general are not getting paid too much money, the work that they do allows for those under them to have their position. A good business needs a leader or governing body to make decisions for the whole to keep them in tack and everything running, order. The issue is when the pay gap is not reasonably divided among the whole, is when the question of "too much pay?" is raised. In america politicians get to vote on a raise in their salary. At a local business not so much.

CEO's arent making too much those under them are making too little.

Subject: Don't Touch My Stuff!

Forum: Don't Touch My Stuff!
Hello CNET,

Today I bought a 2 Liter of Cherry Fanta. I also bought 3 2-Liters of sprite, not to mention there was already a 2-ltter of Root Beer and a 2-Liter of Grape Fanta in the fridge already. Where I live Cherry Fanta is not traditionally sold in stores, so when I found out that it was I went bananas! When I got home with the Cherry Fantas I walked into each room and told everyone in my house not to touch my soda, and that both bottles were mine; and that I bought other flavors for them to drink. I went to bed and when I woke up my soda was GONE!! I searched the entire kitchen when I noticed that the trash had been emptied, and sure enough inside of the trash can was sitting my EMPTY 2-Liter bottle of Cherry Fanta. When I asked around to see who drank it. Everyone swore they didnt drink it. A bottle of soda, that big, does not just disappear into thin air and then reappear empty in the trash can.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever bought something told others not to touch it and sure enough its gone and no one knows why, how , or when it went missing? What did you do? How did you make sure it didn't happen again?

Subject: Re: Favorite Candy Bar?

Forum: Favorite Candy Bar?
Oh My My My,

You caught me on a good day. I went to Walmart this morning and I was debating over wither or not to get a box of whoppers or a box of skittles. Over all, the purple bag of skittles is my favorite choice when it comes down to candy. However today, I made my choice in quantity over personal preference so I got two boxes of whoppers and some MnMs (the theater candy boxes not the traditional bags). I was happy with my choice but another other day of the week I would have most defiantly went with the purple bag of skittles.

Subject: Re: Interracial dating

Forum: Interracial dating
Good Topic,

Your question isn't very clear but I'll give it a go. I am 21 and I am married to a white man. I myself am a Black Trinidadian and Japanese, born and raised here in the states (Tampa FL). I am a 2nd generation JAP however... which is why my appearance is like any other black woman (African American -US Decent, just to be clear). However my hair hints at my mixed race (when it wants to). I have a a daughter her name is Sakura, she is white. Her father (my husband) is white.

Now that you know my history I am going to comment (LOL). I adore interracial dating. It is a sign that our society is changing. However... there are still many people who do not care for the matter. You cannot blame them, our society use to rule by those standards. When I walk through the malls where I live with my husband we get mixed reviews. Some people will stare others will actually come up to us and give us a speech about how they support what we are doing as if it was a political/social statement. I love my husband, that is why I married him. Not because I thought that it would be cool have have a mixed baby, or defy the old ways. Color has as much power as you give it. If you make things about race then they will be about race,

Every mixed couple has their ups and downs, its how you handle them as a unit that defines how your relationship will pan out. I don't know what you meant about "good moments and bad moments" however I feel like they have to do with others and their input. If a couple wants to be together it should be based on love and not what type of statement they are making, and if the relationship turns into a social experiment then it is not one that I would care for.

A relationship, interracial or not, should be based on the love and affection that the couple share and not what others will think.

Subject: Re: Which do you prefer, sunrises or sunsets?

Forum: Which do you prefer, sunrises or sunsets?
I enjoy sunsets over oceans as well.
I love the color variation especially when the sky takes on purple and pink hues. It is so calm and romantic, its almost like living a scene from a novel. I like the piece that comes with it. The thought that everything is settling down. That all of the fuss of the day is being laid to rest.

Subject: Re: Your College Choice

Forum: Your College Choice
How did you choose the college you attend or attended?
I based it off of my family needs and budget.

What factors played in deciding where you wanted to go?
My husband going into the military.
My daughter- and me being a single parent until my husband is situated in the military

Was it convenience, location, atmosphere, scholarships, money, or maybe the program offered for your degree?
Yes, it is convient I have family that lives near the college. The atmosphere is extremely artsy, and I pay for school with loans and scholarships that I get for academics and clubs.

Are you happy with your choice?
I am happy, i get the education i want/need and I am able to smoothly run my household.