Before getting into the topic to much, I will say that I support the punishments being handed out fairly to both men and women. The law, more so the prosecutors and judges, should not alter the consequences based on the gender of the perpetrator.

I do agree that these issues and situations are being brought to light more often due to the rise of social media and the ability to track interactions between teachers and students. I believe those in power positions have always exploited those under them, no matter the gender sense the birth of civilization. I see no difference between male or female when they chose to molest children and create an unsafe environment for which those kids have to go to everyday. As a society, we need to better groom our teachers and instructors, not just for the case of better academics, but also for better role models to our children. Our children are the future of our own society, and if we let them be abused and molested, then they will grow and continue those same practices.