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Subject: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube

Forum: Favorite videos to watch on YouTube
Howdy friends. I hope you had a great weekend!!

What type of videos do you like to watch while on YouTube? Are you one of the YouTube Red subscribers? Do you have a favorite channel that you subscribe to?

I enjoy watching videos on cars and mechanical things. I also enjoy a few vlogs from people like StreetSpeed717 and what not.

I hope you have a great evening!

Subject: Lazy Saturdays...

Forum: Lazy Saturdays...
Howdy folks, hope your weekends are going great.

So it is overcast today, and thus I'm feeling lazy and just want to stay around the house. It got me thinking, I want to know a little more about y'all. So, list 5 of your favorite things in life! These could be events, people, physical things, metaphysical things, whatever. What ever makes life seem worth it to you, list them!

I cannot wait to hear your responses!!

My top five are:
Beautiful landscapes
My fiancee
A great steak
Fast cars
And friendship