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Subject: Re: Things you will do again!

Forum: Things you will do again!

Wonderful forum, having us thinking on the bright side and bringing back positive memories I am sure. Or why would we do the things we've done again? I hope you enjoy the video with my answers in full detail, but they are listed below as well. Wasn't sure what kind of music theme to go with for this topic so I chose LEAN ON ME since I like to think of myself as a person who you can lean on when you need. Enjoy the video.
1. Helping the homeless.
2. Tell everyone I love, that I love them.
3. Photography.
4. Filming.
5. Improve on my skill.

Subject: Re: Congratulations!

Forum: Congratulations!

Hi there, haven't seen you around, then again I have been gone for a few weeks. Enjoy the video.

Subject: Re: 5 things you’ll never do again!

Forum: 5 things you’ll never do again!

1. Skinny Dip
2. Fake Nails
3. Sing Loud In Public
4. Hug A Stranger
5. Assume Without Knowing

Subject: Re: What's your secret to staying positive?

Forum: What's your secret to staying positive?

Sorry my reply seems rushed, but I'm in a hurry (kind of.) Enjoy the video.

Subject: When we are excited.

Forum: When we are excited.

Hello everyone!

Todays forum topic is about weird things we do when we are; excited, happy, or get good news.

The video gives you example of what I mean, but for those who can't watch videos I'll give you a few small examples. Let's say you just got the job you wanted and your super excited. You might jump around in a circle while screaming in joy. You might scream out loud "Out got the job" over and over until you embarrass yourself. Maybe you sing a song you create on the spot.

So what are some weird things you do when you are excited?

Subject: Happiest college moment.

Forum: Happiest college moment.
I just had one of the most happiest college moments ever. Today was my first midterm exam I have had since I have been in college. I worked so hard and studied for weeks in hopes to at least get a B+. Luckily for me I received a 100%. That's right. I got 40 questions right out of 40. I would have been happy with just 35 right, but for being my first exam EVER in college, it makes it my happiest college moment. A close second would be when I won the summer portfolio grant off of my old (crappy) work.

What is your happiest college moment.

Subject: What makes you happy?

Forum: What makes you happy?

What makes you happy? Life, love, God, music, friendship, ice cream, chocolate, the movie Frozen, television, texting, and the list goes on.