I'm going to say crazy.

When my niece was born a couple of years ago, my parents and I, along with my sister-in-law's parents and her brother, were standing outside her hospital room while she was in a long, hard labor. It was a Saturday evening and the hospital was relatively quiet, and I guess for that reason the staff gave us more leeway just to loiter in the hallway. I wasn't quite sure why we continued to stand there other than it seemed - and sounded like - the baby would be born any minute. Three or four hours later, we were all exhausted when we finally heard through the door, "It's a girl!" Let me say quickly I in no way mean to compare our "exhaustion" to that of my sister-in-law, or for that matter my brother who was by her side the entire time.

While I do believe that, as humans, we always learn best by experience, I do think there are things we can understand well enough vicariously. However, if a man really thought the mother of his child was exaggerating the pain and discomfort of birth and just needed to "suck it up," he might be a good candidate for this simulation. Perhaps for men with that attitude it should be a requirement! If "it's not really that bad," what do they have to fear? :-)