I think I'm a mix as well, although definitely more introverted.

My parents are interesting studies. No one would ever guess that either of them is an introvert. They come off as extremely extroverted. They are both talkative and friendly. Both of them enjoy public speaking. But on all the introvert/extrovert tests, they both come out as introverted - close to the line, but definitely on the "I" side.

My Mom, who loves to plan big parties and events, especially says she gains more energy from quiet time reading than she does from people. She is very aware of noises and goings-on around her and finds them distracting and overwhelming. My Dad, on the other hand, seems to be able to filter out all those things, but sometimes that means he is unaware of things he probably should be taking note of.

There was a Ted Talk broadcast today on National Public Radio about how our society leans toward or 'favors' extroverts because they come off as more confident and charismatic, although introverts often are more detail-oriented. So maybe it's good to be able to be 'mixed' and to draw benefit from both sides, depending on the setting, like many of us here have observed.