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Subject: Re: Tell me about your two best friends!

Forum: Tell me about your two best friends!
Kelly, I am so glad to hear that story!

I love hearing about people who keep close after they have made a real friendship. I am glad that you have at least two people in your life ( I'm sure you have others as well) who are part of who you are and help you be your best!

I have lost a lot of friends over the years and am grateful for one person for sure. She and I became friends while working together about 20 years ago! We lived near each other and had little kids so we got together so the kids could play. Well two years ago she stood as my maid of honor at my wedding. She was glad I had a wonderful new husband as she saw my last one just be miserable. She and I just went away for the night to celebrate her birthday and we had a great time. So I am happy she is in my life!

I hope to hear from everyone else!!

Subject: Re: Are your friends similar to you?

Forum: Are your friends similar to you?
I am so non-similar to my friends, it's scary. Most of my friends are WASPs and either ten years younger than me or fifteen years older than me! Most of them are less educated than I am. Most of them are less attractive (I have been told by others).

What we do share in common is that most of us are single and most of us are serious about our Christian faith. That is because I am the organizer for a meetup,com for christians looking for other adults to share social activities with. Most of us need a new batch of friends because of transition: divorce, empty-nesters, never married and looking for someone, just never was good at making friends, relocation, etc.

I joined the group because of divorce and empty-nesting. Now that I am married I still hang out with the same friends which has given me a social network! But for some reason, hispanic women like me are not drawn to this type of system of making friends!

Subject: Re: Back In the Hospital!!!!!!

Forum: Back In the Hospital!!!!!!
Nichole, I do pray God's comfort and grace be with you that you would feel His presence with you!!! I also pray for healing because that would solve a lot of issues! :-)

When I was planning my home birth, one of the tasks I had to do was to get a birth assistant. This person was to help me prepare my bedroom and help with all of the little details before and during the birth. One of the requirements was to take the day off from work when I went into labor!

It was a humbling experience asking friends to do that. They felt so honored that I had asked. For each of the three home births I planned, I had three wonderful people help me out and it drew us closer.

I hope you find someone that you can ask to help with different things. Checking the mail, making sure your car doesn't sit in the parking lot unmoved and get a dead battery. Picking up clothes for you or other necessities, etc. Or just someone to be with you for an hour each evening so you can talk about your day to someone other than us CNetters!

I bet whomever you ask will be honored and thrilled to have a concrete way to help you!

Blessings! You will make it through this just fine! Try trusting in God to take your anxieties away!

If you wish you may certainly email me at I don't have a post limit of five, so if you want to connect, feel free!

Subject: Re: Island of Misfit Toys

Forum: Island of Misfit Toys
Cire, I do believe you are on to something.

I don't feel as if I fit in to the regular world. I don't have too many close friends. I don't have anyone who calls me to go do something with them or emails me or even really facebooks me. I guess I have always been like this.

I am sometimes harsh with my words which I try to control.
I am told that if my looks could kill, I would be a WMD.

I am grateful to my husband who loves me and loves to be with me! He actually likes me. He handles my harshness well and I don't think he notices any of my looks. They aren't on purpose. I just frown (I've been told) when I am thinking and I think a lot when I am doing my thing. So if I walk past you and look like I am about to bite, it's just my brain's gears turning!

I also like CNet so that I can be real. I can flirt a little. I can talk science (or at least read everyone else's science talk), I can talk about my kids or my interviews and hopes and dreams and no one has an agenda; they just listen. That's when I get someone to post on a forum. I have had a lot of duds. But the new election is coming soon so watch out!

So, maybe yes, maybe we are a unique breed Cire!

I am in good company!

Subject: Re: WTF, Did You Unfriend Me?!?!?!?

Forum: WTF, Did You Unfriend Me?!?!?!?
Oh Cire. I wonder if those college boys knew the emotional turmoil they were about to engender when they birthed their little program called Facebook!!

Two of my daughters have had to delete their accounts because it was either a source of trouble or a source of time-wasting.

I was un-friended by my own daughters! they didn't want me to know what they were up to! Uggh. 19 and 20 yrs old!

I once told an old boyfriend that I was eventually going to unfriend any old boyfriends since I was about to be married and it wasn't as if we were close friends anymore anyway. I told him on the phone. He was so offended that he unfriended me first! He was always a bit juvenile even as a 44 yr old man!

I have only unfriended my ex husband and some of his family once we broke up.

When I find I am unfriended, it is a little upsetting. What on earth could have been so disturbing about my presence?

So, I move on. But I don't take it as a slap in the face. I realize some people are getting freaked out about privacy and about having friends they don't really know.

C'est la vie!!

Subject: Re: Real Life Unfriending

Forum: Real Life Unfriending
Hi Blue,

I have had more friends cut me off than I have cut off. I don't think I would cut anyone off on purpose. But as the above comments show, it is easy to stay away from people who don't make you feel good or who even make you feel miserable.

I think sometimes people want all friendships to be the same. All close buddies and call each other all the time. That is unrealistic.

Goober, I really like your poem. It is really true. Some people are in our lives for different reasons. The thing is, we don't know at the outset what type of relationship it is going to be. So it would be easy to have expectations of people early on and then when those friendships don't work out that way, or change into different ones, it's easy to feel bad about it.

I certainly don't think we should be trigger happy. I don't go unfriending on FB just because I am not interested in them anymore. I just see where things end up and take it from there.

Subject: Re: What Would You Do For A Friend?

Forum: What Would You Do For A Friend?
I would do a lot for a friend. I have given money; I have spent the night sleeping on a hospital floor so they wouldn't have to be alone; I have taken the day off from work so I could accompany them to the hospital; I have covered their classes when they weren't feeling well.

However, I don't have too many friends that I would call in the middle of the night so I do not know who thinks of me as that kind of friend, even though I am a willing soul!

My maid of honor for my first wedding was newly married, and she was travelling in my neck of the woods. Instead of making a side trip to see me, she asked me to drive an hour and a half to meet her, what she thought was half way. I had a car that was held together by duct tape, very little money for gasoline, and my four babies would be left home with their father for the evening. Plus I had to get up and go to work the next day. I said no.

I have never heard from her again. She was my best friend through high school, and we stayed close through college even though we were in different places. I sacrificed a lot to go to her medical school graduation, to go to her wedding, and she would drive an extra 45 min out of her way to see me (I don't think she knew that I was that close). I was hurt that she totally ditched me after that. I am very sad. I have tried to reconnect with her but no luck.

Subject: Re: Why Aren't We Friends?

Forum: Why Aren't We Friends?
Cire, I do know what you mean. It's like when you leave a place and tell people to call or visit and they say, yes, yes, and never do. You were close in one context. You had work, class, or friends in common and once those situations change so do the friendships.

I can enjoy hanging out with most people for a cup of coffee. But actually being real friends requires that you enjoy people's personalities. I am not sure yet (I am new to CNET still) if I can tell really what people are like from their posts. although like Goober says over time you get to know people. So although I would meet up with you and we would get a real kick out of actually meeting another CNETer, if you lived in town, I don't think we would really connect more than other folks we interact with online.

So Cire, when you have to visit Rochester, NY (near Buffalo) make sure you let me know and I will most certainly meet you for dinner or coffee, etc. Then we can report on a Forum how different the other person was compared to our ideas from posts.

BTW, I don't like spending a lot of money on coffee.

Subject: Re: Should A Person Be Judged By Who Their Spouse is?

Forum: Should A Person Be Judged By Who Their Spouse is?
I think we are judged by the company we keep whether you like it or not or even accept it as true. If I hang out with a bunch of pot smoking, foul-mouthed, drunken fools (not that all who smoke pot or get drunk are fools) then I will certainly be considered one of the bunch . However, if the friends I have make a mistake or made a really big mistake in the past, that is different. Recognizing that it was a mistake is a good, healing thing.

Being with people whose values you do not share, though, is not a one time misstep but a lifestyle. I have many friends who hold values or philosophies that I do not share. But that is just one aspect of who they are. If their most important or obvious values were harmful or unhealthy, I might let them know how I differ and then might not be able to be close friends with them.

Our friends influence us. Sometimes in clear ways and sometimes subtly. It is subtle influence that we must be careful of.

Referring to Mrs. Clinton, I am not a political fan of hers, but I am a fan of her personally due to her intelligence, her commitment to her family, and her savvy about politics and her career. She stayed with her husband after that mostly because everyone was watching. It would have devastated her small family unit. It would also have damaged her political appeal. I respect her strength and her courage to move forward despite that humiliating episode. I don't fault her for being with Bill. I give him credit for staying with her!! That shows his smarts.